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Jun 20, 2000 02:55 PM

casa di pizza (Buffalo)

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Went to Casa di Pizza (aka JJ's) in Buffalo. Here's what we thought: We had a half-mushroom, half-meatball pizza, BBQ wings, and a pitcher of birch beer. The pizza was attractively served on a stainless cake stand and had a very appetizing homemade look. Unfortunately, the meatballs produced some strange zings in my mouth, which is usually a sign of rancidity. Maybe an unusual spice was to blame, but we'll get our pizza meatball-less next time. The mushrooms were fresh, not the usual canned type. The pizza was toothsome with a heavy topping of real, drippy mozzarella. We had a thin-crust pie, which Lucy says was like eating pizza on crackers. (She LOVES pizza on crackers). The wings were ok, though i thought they were too sweet and would have preferred the butter-&-hot-sauce kind. (Everyone else thought they were great). The birch beer was nice & wet -- like root beer without the zip. We enjoyed the rowdy sports bar atmosphere on the final night of the NBA finals and bonded immediately with our super-friendly waitress, Kelly, who sat down at our table, discussed our order with us, and was extremely tolerant of our slow-ordering ways. She is the best waitress in the universe!!! (Sorry about the meatball thing, K, but we are chowhounds and must speak the truth!). The extensive menu was a joy to wallow in and the red light that flashed when pizzas are ready was a nice touch. Casa di Pizza/JJ's rocks!!

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  1. b
    Barry Strugatz

    Do me a favor if you can. Please check out Avenue Submarines...
    They had the most amazing sausage parmigiana heroes.
    They got me through a year of SUNY Buffalo.


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    1. re: Barry Strugatz

      Is that the one on Elmwood?

      1. re: cinnamon
        Barry Strygatz

        It might be Elmwood. It was near the old SUNY Campus in the early 70's. Is it still in business?

        1. re: Barry Strygatz


          Elmwood dosn't go anywhere near the SUNY South Campus. Perhaps you are thinking about Main St.? Elmwood does run by the Buffalo State College campus, however. Sorry, I don't know the sub place but the name seems familiar.

          Joe Moryl
          (frequent Buffalo visitor)

      2. re: Barry Strugatz
        Gene Piekarski, Jr

        I checked out the phonebook and counted
        12 Avenue Pizza & Subs. I know there is
        one on Main (near UB), they are also on
        Millersport, Hertel, Genesee, So Park,
        Broadway, Bailey, Main (in Tonawanda)
        and Zimmerman in NT. The way the phone listings
        read, I'd believe they are different owners.
        The Avenue that I walk to (Elmwood/W Utica)
        _does_ still have the Sausage Parm Sub.

        We also walk to Casa's (frequently), as they
        are kid friendly.

        1. re: Gene Piekarski, Jr
          Barry Strugatz


          Thanks for your sub research. Nest time I'm in Buffalo
          I'm heading there for a sausage parmigiana. In the mean time do yourself a favor and try one.


      3. If your still in Buffalo and want a meal at the other end of the spectrum from bar food you might try Biac's on Delaware near Allen. Had a very good meal there last week.

        Joe Moryl
        (a regular Buffalo visitor)

        1. I've been to Casa plenty of times, and have never been particularly impressed. They can get me in the door if I have a coupon and don't want to drive too far, that's about it.

          As far as Buffalo pizza goes, I prefer Bocce's on Bailey or Leonardi's on Millersport for the most part, your thick pie with bready 1-inch crust and loaded toppings. Sauce and cheese are lovely, and always liked the way Bocce's hand-cuts (or just thickly cuts) their pepperoni.

          I went to UB, and as such I expect I reflect the biases of my highly-pizzaed years.

          But not too far from the Casa on Elmwood is a tony corner bistro called Le Metro that has terrific thin-crust pizza. Great ingredients, very simple and fresh. Although the place is a bit upscale the to-go pizza prices aren't. You might want to try it once if you're in the neighborhood.