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Jun 14, 2000 09:32 PM

Progresso Era ?

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Years ago I wasa guest for dinner at a Private Club called Progresso Era (I believe this was the name of the Club and/or Club's Dining Room). In any event, this NYC dining experience was superb with a multi-course menu. This same acquaintance brought me to another dining extravaganza, again in NYC, and it was at Tero Sena (unsure of the spelling), a private club which I believe was affiliated with the New York Rifle Club. Since I am no longer in touch with this "foody" and , since these experiences were in the mid 1970's, I am unsure how to locate these Clubs and the NET has not been helpful (or at least I am not surfing properly). Can anyone help me out here? I'd like to investigate membership and am not interested in whatever their socially correct/incorrect focus is all about as much as I am about their dining. I also believe these Clubs are Italian/Continental in cuisine.
Would appreciate any advice you can give me in locating these.... Thanks

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