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Jun 14, 2000 09:45 AM

Penang Grill

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Has anyone dined at the Penang Grill in Greenwich, CT on Lewis St? I was considering going there for an informal birthday dinner based on a recomendation heard on Food Talk months ago and I was wondering what the food and atmosphere were like.


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  1. Ended up having dinner there last night. Due to some zoning battles the whole place has 3 tables and seats only 12 so the service is quite rushed to keep the tables turnin'. The food was much better than average. Everything was very fresh with and well presented although nothing was outstanding or particularly exotic. I got a thai basil beef stir-fry which could have benefited from a touch of heat. My wife got chicken and mushroom with "Sushi Ginger???" I've never seen this combination before and it was pretty good but could have used some more spicing up. The menu had tons of combinations of sauces and meats but it all ended up looking very similar. These negative jabs aside it's definately the best asian food in the immediate area although I'd go for take-out due to the seating constraints. Outstanding menu items included the Thai Crab Cakes and the Seaweed salad.