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Jun 8, 2000 03:21 PM

clueless in sag harbor - help!

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we've been coming year around to sag harbour for over 4 years now, and theres nowhere to go and eat. i've pretty much given up hope of finding anything reasonable in the south fork - am i right? i'll concede that both the american hotel and rams head inn on shelter island are great locales, but the fare isn't anything special. i've noticed plenty of migrant mexicans around (they seem to have taken over the harder part of the landscaping business), and i'm always hoping i'll find a shack where grandma is selling fajitas .....

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  1. You're right - it's pretty poor pickings. One place I've wanted to try is the Japanese place down Main St from the AmHo - Sen, is it? Seems to do a good business, I think they expanded in the last year or so. Have you been?

    1. Help is here...
      *Sen has good sushi (not great/earth shattering mind you) and at reasonable prices.
      *Phao is a new funky/trendy Thai place across from Sen and owned by Sen (where Citron used to be). Food is decent and the place is pretty cool.
      *Estia's Little Kitchen (on Bridge-Sag Turnpike, about 3/4 mile outside town) is tiny, but has surpisingly good food (at least my last meal was quite good).
      *Palm in East Hampton is the only really good restaurant out there. Same food as other Palm's, with great service (which is shockingly refreshing for a Palm and for any restaurant in the Hampton's). It's also housed in a really cute inn (the Huntington Inn).
      *La Parmigiana in Southampton - very good casual Italian food.
      *Turtle Crossing in East Hampton (near Amagansett) has pretty good barbeque.
      Other than that, it's slim pickins... Make a bbq of your own or find a friend to make one for you!

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        I enjoyed the one meal I ate (lunch) at the hotel in the middle of town -- I think it might be called American Hotel? Very expensive, though. And the PTA has what seems to be an all-summer-long baked goods sale in front of the (substandard) bicycle shop; I got a very good brownie there a couple of weeks ago.

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          I went to the "Taste of the Hamptons" benefit in Sagaponack on Saturday night, where local restaurants and wineries were offering very generous samples of their products. Most was, sadly, mediocre. But Turtle Crossing's barbeque sandwiches were about the best thing on offer. Their bread pudding was TERRIBLE, though. Wet-tasting, and tooth-achingly sweet. However, I got a chance to try some of the highly touted product of Wolffer Vineyards and it was not at all bad. Good chardonnay, and an excellent rose which the guy pouring really had to sell me on even tasting (I don't usually like roses) But it was excellent, dry and crisp, and then, lo and behold it was one of the featured wines in the "City" section of the Sunday Times. So stay home and cook some devilled chicken on the grill and serve with Wolffer rose.

          1. re: Martha Gehan

            Turtle Crossing is one of my faves in the Hamptons too - their pulled pork sandwich is yummy, hush puppies are sort of heavy (lead), but addictive. It's very un-Hampton-like, rough n rustic, located between E Hampton and Amagansett.

            And, if you liked the Wolffer wines (or even if you don't), try going to the winery itself (on Sagg Main, just north of the highway) - the winery is beautiful! Makes you think you are in Napa Valley.

        2. If you want a great, inexpensive lunch with reasonable ambience, try Provisions, on the corner of Bay & Division Sts. It's a natural foods store with some of the best food I've come across in Sag Harbor, and I am NOT a natural food buff (nor do I eat anything made with soy). I have had bad wraps and ok wraps, never a good wrap. Their chicken wrap is scrumptious, and they have a great brand of fruit sodas (can't remember the name).