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Jun 2, 2000 08:28 PM

The Fuffi Grill/Irvington-on-Hud

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Want to have some great food prepared with flair? Irvington's best "secret".....the Fuffi Grill just opposite the Metro North Train Station (just 40 min from Grand Central). Not only will you dine as if you were in a small Bistro on the Riv Gauche, but you WILL have fun too ! John and his pal (owners and chefs) will have you in "stitches"; they serve you and they sit down right next to you and chat about their preparations or just about anything you want to talk about. Dance if you want too and SING ! You will have a GREAT time and you will go back ... Call ahead and make a reservation. Everything is FRESH and if you want something that is not on the menu, ask if they will make it for you. Somewhat high-end as far as price goes BUT definetly lower in price than SoHo...
figure $35 with a tip and a glass of wine. If you're as animated and as friendly as these "characters" are, you will get some pleasant surprises for dessert.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    A review with such unalloyed enthusiasm can't help but seem like a shill.

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    1. re: Josh Mittleman
      Clement Aidone

      NO ! Not at all.... I am not employed by the Fufi Grill and neither am I a partner..... a "hungry foody" type who really likes good dining and more...and this place is in my own neighborhood so I was ecstatic. I meant every shill here.......

      1. re: Clement Aidone

        Well, Clement, I'm glad you liked the restaurant, but I had the same reaction as Josh in reading your first post - that this posting is nothing but hyperbole with little substance about the chow, and that you must be related somehow to the owners of this restaurant (and just because, as you pointed out in your response, you live in the neighborhood and are neither owner nor partner, does not mean you can't be shilling for the place, after all.) But I try to keep an open mind.....
        So I would encourage you to post again, but perhaps a little more fire this time and a little less smoke? Like what did you eat? (The notion of trying a place because of the "characters" who run it - a nonstarter for me.) What about the dishes you had pushed all the right buttons for you and made you wax so rhapsodic? I'm not talking about really detailed descriptions - but I read these boards to get an idea what kind of food a place offers. How about a hint?

      2. re: Josh Mittleman

        No, it wasn't a shill. I checked it out (that's why it's still up).

        In future, if anyone suspects a shill message, please email me, so we can hash it out privately.


        1. re: Jim Leff
          Clement Aidone

          Many thanks Jim...... I was only making an honest attemp to invite other "foody's" to join what I consider to be fine dining and an evening of fun too. The preparations are excellent with the Grilled Vegetables w/ White Truffle, the Scottish Salmon, the Rack of Lamb w/ Sage and the Pasta Fagioli was incredible. A real good buy and a most enjoyable dinner. Hope you will go and have a look see.
          Helen and Josh are much too skeptical...not everyone is a shill.

          1. re: Clement Aidone

            Clement, I sit corrected. I can't speak for Josh, but I was picking up on something in the tone of your writing that seemed inauthentic.
            Never mind all that, the food you described sounds delish.

            1. re: Helen

              Don't feel bad...I got the same impression.

              Again, if anyone suspects shills, do email me. We check them out VIGOROUSLY. And do our best to publicly embarrass any restaurant insiders who sink to this level. And ban any/all discussion of their restaurants from the site forever. It's the stupidest thing in the world for people to do, and we hold major grudges when it happens.


            2. re: Clement Aidone
              Josh Mittleman

              My apology, in that case.