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Jul 22, 2003 05:56 PM

Bacheeso's European Gourmet

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Has anyone eaten there? 2501 San Pablo Avenue. $6.95 for a 'two trip ORGANIC buffet'. My friend ate lunch there today and really enjoyed it. Supposedly price is good because they cater, too.

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    1. re: vn

      Sorry--it's in Berkeley. Phone # is 510-644-2035. I did a search of the board and couldn't find any posts.

      1. re: chowfish

        Don't know it either. Found this entry on the web - sounds like it's definitely worth checking out. Hope we hear a hound report soon.

        "6/26/03 Yesterday morning I was taken to Rick and Ann's for breakfast. It was pretty much "round up the usual suspects" -- another variation on the California Breakfast theme. A theme to which I can speak with "authority" as I worked at the Buttercup Bakery in the '70s when Richards and Mike Haley invented the California Breakfast. (They invented it at much the same time Alice Waters invented California Cuisine -- in its lowest form, undercooked vegetables and a piece of fish.) But I was struck by how much Rick and Ann's offering was much the same as the Buttercup breakfast of thirty years ago.

        Now, for a fresh approach to breakfast out, I again recommend Bacheeso's -- an American breakfast with a Mediterranean and European flair. This is a breakfast skillfully prepared from the freshest ingredients by the Assli family. The fruit-side is always fresh and juicy, the deep-fried potatoes are golden-brown outside and creamy inside, the flat bread fresh, the home-made jams sweet and tasty, the eggs cooked just right, the portions fair, and the prices very reasonable. I have come away several times wondering how breakfast can be such a treat with such subtlety and variety. And I'm amazed at how the ingredients of a simple breakfast can combine into these wonderful tastes.

        Bacheeso's is at 2501 San Pablo Avenue and their phone number is 510-644-2035. (Make sure you have their flat-bread with the homemade preserves.)

        (Really Rick and/or Ann, $10.00 for scrambled eggs and lox with burnt potatoes and muddy coffee? Tsk, Tsk!)"


        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Shep has been trying to talk me into going there. Hope he reports back. Haven't seen him on the new software yet.

          About 11 months ago he reported they "Still have the vaguely Persian buffet." He mentions they have a great roast turkey.

          Nice to get that report and the one from lintygmom. Hey, lintygmon, great posts. Are you new or did you change your handle? I've got some great tips from you so far.

          1. re: rworange

            New. Have already made mistake of posting about roasting beets in this forum.

            Saw you were tracking me, got creeped out, discovered people track people here, and went to your profile. You haven't had mashed potatoes until you've had them made with chicken fat and the crispy little bits of skin and onion left from making chicken fat and a beaten egg for extra-cardiac disease.

            1. re: rworange

              Hi, lintygmom,I meant to ask you how crowded the resturant is and if there are good times to stop by the buffet. I usually go to restaurants at opening time. That is good for avoiding a wait or crowds, but a mistake for those restaurants that don't bring out the good stuff till later.

              Didn't mean to creep you out. I'm using tracking for people that don't report often and whose posts I really like. One person I know from another forum and asked him if it was ok explaining I wanted to follow his Mexico posts.

              I took a quick look at your myChow posts and some of the topics you replied to were things I was interested in food-wise.

              I'll keep that in mind with new posters, though. And if the tracking still bothers you please drop me an email (on my page) and I'll drop you. I just take a look at the few people I track every once in a while to see if there's anything they are talking about that might interest me.

              ... and you'll get the hang of posting on the appropriate board ... it's a learning process. Keep trying.

              BTW, don't be offended if I remove you on my own in the future. It doesn't mean you aren't giving good tips anymore. It just means you post frequently enough that I can follow what you have to say on the SF board.

              1. re: rworange

                Best times are during the week--especially at dinner. When I work late, we go out for an easy and fast dinner (no waiting for service! Belly up to the bar!)

                There can be a wait on weekends.

                I try not to go too often. Don't want to burn out.

                No problem tracking now i know a bit more.

        2. The buffet is fabulous and exceedingly high quality (except for the god-awful desserts--look like the creations of an autistic child and taste like cheap cake mixes) but you have to get past the very un-glam decor/seating.

          I go there because my husband can get turkey or other meaty things and I can get lots of different glorious salads (be careful if you're vegetarian--some can conceal meat) and vege moussaka and grilled vegetables, etc.

          1. It's a great place that locals go to alot. The food is very good and different (middle-eastern/mediterranean? flair). And they keep the buffet well stocked. Is it really just two-trips? Opps.


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            1. re: J T

              I'm a "no-croweded plates" person--hate to sit in front of a heap, so I go back as many times as needed and never have been told I'm wrong.

              One health caveat: watch the buffet bar. Once there was this left-over hippie lady with long gray hair who was very short. Hair quite long. Dragged in edge of service plates a bit. I pointed this out to her and she smiled benignly and kept on going. Still blissed out from 1968 I guess.

            2. I live around the corner from Bacheeso's. It's a fun place with eclectic food for sure. It's definitely not fancy or upscale...just everyday mediterranean style foods at a good price. The buffet has a lot of veggie options, but the standard meats are bbq chicken and roast turkey. You can also get really good sandwiches, the pesto chicken is my fav.

              As someone else mentioned the desserts are not great, more cafeteria style. But if you've loaded up on the buffet you really won't want dessert or just a taste of something. They usually have pineapple sheet cake, vanilla pudding, and sometimes fruit.

              In regards to the breakfast review from two years ago I'd have to say it's a bit overblown. Their breakfast is 'okay' and cheap...but definitely not perfect. We usually hit Homemade Cafe or Meal Ticket for breakfast.

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              1. re: Kung Foodie

                When you have something to spare after paying the mortgage, try Sunnyside on Solano--a great breakfast at dinner prices.

                As far as the desserts at Bacheeso's--I find them god-awful. Though I'm not much of a sweets eater, I do want something to linger with over coffee after a meal, especially since I don't load up so much at the buffet (more enjoy the variety). So we head over to Trieste for great coffee and a pastry to share.

                Why oh why cannot Bacheeso's not improve their desserts a tiny bit? They definitely have the taste of cheap vanilla cake mix--I can taste that artificial flavor. Occasionally they have a bit of chocolate mousse (also from a mix, but more palatable.)

                1. re: lintygmom

                  I have to admit I don't eat there that often anymore. Four years ago stuff was pretty good, but lately it's just been bland and overcooked. It's sort of become my fast food option when I don't want to go far or spend much money, otherwise there's a hundred other places in the East Bay with MUCH better food (both mains and dessert).