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May 15, 2000 03:13 PM

authentic Chinese restaurants/supermarkets in NJ

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I'm looking for a Chinese enclave in northern or central NJ. I've heard about Fort Lee in general and am looking for specifics. Can anyone give suggestions on where to eat (authentically) and where to shop for Chinese ingredients?

Also, is there any other town with several Chinese restaurants/supermarkets that might be worth a trip?


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  1. The place is in Edgewater, an Asian shopping mall going south on Rt 505. The name is something like Yahoan (sp?) Plaza. Full of Asian food courts, the skyline view is better than the food, but I like it.


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    1. re: Pete Feliz

      Pete, you are thinking of "Yaohan", which is located at 595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ; (201) 941-9113; open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week. It is a Japanese shopping mall featuring more than 30 stores. You can buy any & all things Japanese, such as kimonas, Tatami mats, Shoji screens, rice lamps, books, CDs, imported Play Station games, etc. There is an adjoining supermarket with loads of specialty Asian veggies, meats, fish, desserts & other foods (Yakult, Men's Pocky!), and also housewares (bowls, teapots, cups, trays). This is a popular shopping center for the area's Japanese community. I always get a kick out of reading the different postings on the public bulletin board. There is a food court with different vendors serving various Japanese dishes, some typical, many unfamiliar & most quite tasty. Also, the seating area has an outstanding view of the upper West side of Manhattan & the Hudson. While eating I once witnessed a group of 8 people arrive via kayak! If you follow the same road a bit further south of Yaohan, in West New York there is a very picturesque pramonade overlooking Midtown Manhattan. Its a great place to take a walk, picnic, or just relax.

      1. re: Jim D.

        I love Yaohan Plaza. We have nothing remotely like it anywhere near St. Louis. If one doesn't drive, there's a bus that goes there from somewhere in the bowels of Penn Station. Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong on that last statement. 'Tho I'm almost positive the bus left from Penn Station. pat

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          melissa clark

          thanks to all, but I'm looking for CHINESE, not Japanese. Any suggestions?

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            Jonathan Sibley

            Ok. There are several Chinese groceries in NJ. I don't know all of them, but 2 of the best ones are in Edison and in Watchung. I don't remember the name of the one in Edison, but it is just off Route 1. The one in Watchung is on Route 22 heading West and is called Captain Fresh. There is also a market on route 46 around Parsippany and one in Belleville on the Belleville Turnpike (I think), but they don't seem to be as good.

            Fort Lee is largely Korean, I believe, and someone once told me there is a supermarket near the GW Bridge, but I haven't been there. However, some of the best Dim Sum I've had in NJ was in Fort Lee but the name temporarily escapes me (it has been mentioned on Chowhound before, though).

            China Gourmet in West Orange has pretty good Dim Sum and is also frequented by a fair number of Chinese.

            1. re: Jonathan Sibley

              Maxims in Parsippany on RT46 is a chinese supermarket similar to those in NYC. It has a bbq section,fish market,fresh produce etc. and an enormous frozen section with foods from all the areas of Asia. In the mall next to it there is authentic restaurant, Noodle Chu, pretty decent dim sum on weekends .

              1. re: Jonathan Sibley

                there are actually two good asian supermarkets in edison.

                Kam Man on route 1 and old post road (about 3 miles south of menlo park mall)

                Asian Food Center on Route 27, just south of plainfield rd( rt529) in the topps plaza (topps is gone now though).

                there used to be a maxim on oaktree rd as well, but it closed.

            2. re: pat hammond

              I just want to point out that Yaohan is not the slightest bit Chinese. There's a Korean takeout stand there, and several Japanese snack stands, and the produce is nice, if overpriced, but just about nothing specifically Chinese at all.

              1. re: pat hammond

                Yes Yaohan is Japanese and No the bus (more of a van) does not leave from Penn Station, It leaves from the Port Authority bus terminal (Don't remember which gate but it was near the ticket windows)

                1. re: Phil Pace

                  Ooops. Thanks for correcting me. I was thinking Port Authority but saying Penn Station. p.

            3. re: Pete Feliz

              FWI - Yoahan has a new name (starts with an "M" and I don't remember it) - I assume it's another Japanese chain which bought this location. Very little has changed inside though. Mainly Japanese groceries, etc.

            4. I went with a bunch of Chinese people to a place on Rte. 17 (near Garden State Exit 163) called China 17. They had an English menu that was nothing special, but our group ordered off the Chinese one, which was quite extensive and interesting. Probably an okay place to get Chinese food -- if you read Chinese.

              Not in NJ, but for groceries you could cross the Goethals & Verazzano and go to the pretty excellent Chinese section of Brooklyn, not terribly far from there.

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              1. re: MU

                Kam Man in Edison as mentioned in another posting is an extensive store. There is also one on Rt 18 in East Brunswick call Park's Market. There is an excellent Chinese restaurant in East Brunswick just down the road from Park's in the MidState Mall called Golden East. Been eating there for years.

                Also, for dim sum on weekends - there's a restaurant in Robbinsville called New Dynasty Seafood Palace in the Foxmoor Shopping center (Washington Blvd & Rt 33). It's served from 11:30-2:30. Fills up quickly around 12:15.

                Very good dim sum, reasonably priced. Lots of Chinese families. In fact, a Chinese coworker of my brother's said it's the best dim sum in NJ