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Apr 30, 2000 05:05 PM

The best thing I've ever eaten in Huntington

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Huntington's a good town, I like to go there when it gets sunny out and just walk around, browse in the bookstores, sit on benches... also it's the site of the world's only New Balance factory outlet. But I've never had great luck there foodwise until today. I went into Skorpio's, a Greek place in the center of town that I have always avoided as not looking sufficiently good. Well, the souvlaki sandwich I ordered made me kick myself for my previous avoidance -- the meat was tender and yummy, a nice thin, salty yogurt sauce, and lots of onions and tomatoes (ripe, yet!) Skorpio's is my new lunch destination in Huntington.

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  1. Not the world's only New Balance outlet...there's one in Boston (just south of the Mass Pike, and not far from a pretty good Brazilian place).

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Oops, I stand corrected. "the world's only" should have read "the only... that I know about".

      1. re: Jim Leff

        What Brazilian place is that, Jim? When we went to the Boston New Balance outlet we ended up driving around in circles looking for a place to get a meal before hitting the road back to NY. I'm not ruling out that I might find myself there again one of these days.

        1. re: pam

          Pam--see "Brazilian near the Mass Pike", a new subject I'll start on the Boston board (so we don't have to have a messy off-topic thread here in Tristate)


      2. I live in Huntington, and I think it's the best town on Long Island, particularly for a chowhound.
        Where else (outside of Athens) are there three Greek places on one street? We have great pizza (Umberto's), great cheesesteaks (Taxi's), great Tex-Mexican (Pancho Villa's, Tortilla Grill, Xaohaca), better than usual Chinese (Dragon Gate), nice Japanese (Musashino), great waterfront fun (Coco's), and, across the street, terrific Italian (Tutto Pazzo). We even have a White Castle nearby! Now top that!