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Apr 25, 2000 02:31 PM

Diners in Upper Westchester

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On Saturday morning, I woke up with a serious craving for a diner-style breakfast, but very little hope of satisfying it. The diners in Mount Kisco, Pleasantville and Thornwood are all dreadful.

The only bright spot I know of is Bedford, which is hit-or-miss. That's where I ended up on Saturday. While my Belgian waffle was scrumptious (crispy on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside, not overly sweet and not at all oily) and topped with ripe, fresh strawberries, my scrambled eggs were cold, flat and tough and my hashbrowns were nearly tasteless (so much so that I nearly put ketchup on them).

Has anyone had better luck in a diner north of White Plains? (I'm not counting City Limits. I really consider that place a diner-theme restaurant rather than a diner. Plus, I had a very disappointing meal there last week.)

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  1. I share your diner pain. There really isn't much around here that's worth going out for. (This goes for Chinese, too.)

    Re: City Limits. They've gone way downhill in the past few years. Everything's too fancy and too expensive, and just not tasty enough. We used to be regulars, but no longer. Frustrating and disappointing.

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    1. re: Sharon A

      This is in Hartsdale, I believe. But, Mt. Parness Diner is very good. They also give you pickles, cole slaw and beets on the table, before you start eating.

      1. re: Susan Nolan

        MontParnasse Diner is on Central Park Ave in Scarsdale. They have very good food, particularly breakfasts. It is a glittering place with lots of revolving dessert displays. Godzilla-size layer cakes, which I don't dare try. Northern Westchesterites should make the trip south. Order a lox onion omlette.

        My favorite diner (more of a bakery coffee shop) is Bella's in Tarrytown, on Rt 9 near Main St. Not excellent, but good reliable food. Real neighborhood atmosphere. Delicious feta spinach omelette. Respectable homemade donuts.

        The Tarrytown Diner by the TZ bridge -- I've been there several times and always found it mediocre and over-priced.

        The diner across for the Tarrytown Marriott -- I believe it's called Eldorado. I never found it particularly good, but I have friends who rave about it.

        The Horseman Diner in North Tarrytown, corner of Rt 9 and Beekman, makes good eggs and hash browns. I haven't liked any of their other food.

        I agree that City Limits is not a diner. I've been to the one on RT 119 in White Plains. Both times the food was trying too hard, not fresh, and way expensive. But I recently tried the City Limits in the Westchester Mall in White Plains. All 3 of us really enjoyed our dinners. I had a grilled shrimp wrap with chipolte sauce -- ingredients were fresh and well-balanced.

        1. re: Val G

          although its not a "diner" per say, but it serves a lot of very good diner type food(omelettes,meat loaf,burgers, salads, sandwiches etc etc) is a place called horsefeathers in tarrytown on has a college type of atmosphere, but for what it is, and what it serves, its darn good, and always pretty busy.p.s. don't miss theirfrench fries

          1. re: stephen kaye

            I like Horsefeathers, too. If you go at the wrong times, however (Fri/Sat nites), it's rambunctiously collegiate-- can't hear yourself think... Other times it's even child-friendly. Food is good for what it is.

          2. re: Val G

            "I had a grilled shrimp wrap with chipolte sauce -- ingredients were fresh and well-balanced."

            Yeah, but chipotle mayo and tzatziki together in one place?! I ask them to hold one or the other, and then it's not so goopy.

            Thanks for the other comments. I'm going to try Bella's soon.

            1. re: Val G

              I checked out that feta spinach omelette today, and it *was* delicious as well as being light and fluffy. Thanks.

              How are Bella's sandwiches, burgers, etc.? Is it best for breakfast?

              1. re: Sharon A

                I think Bella's, and all diners, are best for breakfast. What I've sampled of Bella's sandwiches and dinners has been good, not great, and always consistent. I like the pea soup -- your basic pureed green stuff with greasy croutons. The spinach pie is a good deal, served with greek-style rice and a tossed salad.

                Glad you liked the feta omelette.

                1. re: Sharon A

                  Thanks to everyone who responded with Westchester diner tips.

                  I had another hankering for a diner breakfast on Sunday and went to Bella's to try the spinach feta omelette. It was pretty good, although I think that the feta pieces could have been smaller or maybe it was just an inferior batch of cheese. Whatever the cause, about every third bite just screamed SALT. I thought the potatoes on the side were a bit bland. I was also disappointed that they were out of Bella's toast. It sounded interesting.

                  My husband had very tasty challah french toast.

                  In sum, it was good (super friendly service, too), but not worth the 20 minute drive from Pleasantville. But I did walk past the tea house in Tarrytown. Has anyone been there? Is it good? I love high tea...

                  1. re: Beth

                    Yes, I like Silver Tips very much. I posted about a tea tasting I went to there and the owner replied-- if you do a search, you'll find it. They have an ongoing series of tastings as well as other events, not to mention great tea...

                    1. re: Barb. H.

                      Strangely enough, Silver Tips also has quite tasty samosas. I believe the woman who owns the place is from India. The sandwiches are nice too, but I wouldn't call it a food destination.

                      - VF

          3. j
            Josh Mittleman

            The diner in Tarrytown, on Rt. 9 just south of 119, is
            the best I know. They make a decent steak, a good burger, and for brunch they offer an eggs benedict variant with a decent crab cake in place of the bacon.

            The diner in Croton, on Riverside Ave. next to the duck pond, is pretty good. Not great, but reliable and with some high spots (really good breakfast sausage, for example).

            I haven't tried the little diner in northern Croton.

            The new diner in Ossining, on Rt. 9 across from the Arcadian plaza, is overpriced, not at all worth the price. It isn't really a diner at all, in my view: Rather, it's an example of upscale imitation of a diner, kinda like Big Country used to be, but not as good.

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            1. re: Josh Mittleman

              Thanks, Josh-- I was wondering about that new diner in Ossining. Tho they've been a bit inconsistant lately, I still think I prefer the diner ON 119, opposite the Marriot (I love their escarole, of all things-- they stew it with mushrooms) to the Tarrytown Diner on Rt. 9 (I find them kind of surly).

              1. re: Barb. H.
                Bryant Frazer

                I continue to be mystified by defenders of the Tarrytown Diner, which to my (admittedly unrefined) palate can be counted on to screw up as simple a plate as scrambled eggs and potatoes.

                I'll second Barb's recommendation of the Eldorado (I believe that's the diner across from the Marriot that she's referring to) and put in a good word for Bella's on Route 9 in Tarrytown, which serves tasty basic diner food (burgers, soups, Philly cheese steaks, etc) and where I've never had a bad meal.


                1. re: Bryant Frazer

                  Yes, the El Dorado is the diner I was thinking of. I agree with you about the Tarrytown Diner. At best I find their food unremarkable and have rarely found the service to be much better than surly. (One particularly frustrating time in particular, the server just refused to give me a straight answer about the size of a dish-- I mean he wouldn't even show me with his hands! How obstinate is that?)

                  1. re: Barb. H.

           I'm REALLY confused....I thought that the diner on Rt9A just south of the Hawthorne Multiplex was ElDorado....I don't doubt that the one on 119 has that name but might there possibly be two?

                    1. re: Michael

                      The diner on Rt9A near the Hawthorne multiplex is called The Executive. Haven't been there in years. I remember it was just average.

                  2. re: Bryant Frazer

                    I want to add another agreement that the diner in Tarrytown just north of 119 is not good--and it's expensive as diners go.

                    The diner in Yorktown Heights, which is convenient to the Taconic and not all that far from I-684, is quite good, although I haven't had breakfast there more than once with the new owners. Their lunches and dinners are among the best I've had in diners, a cut above my most-frequented diner--the Croton Colonial.

                    Also, in the "not-a-diner-but-the-food-is-similarly-priced-and better-than-at-a-diner" category, Sunday brunch at Elmer Suds in Croton is well worth a small trip.

                2. re: Josh Mittleman

                  Also no good is Pano's in Route 202/35 in Mohegan Lake. Fancy place, not very good food.

                  PS: The Mt. Kisco Diner ain't so bad !

                  1. re: Eddie
                    Alise McConnell

                    Going to be in the Mt. Kisco area for Easter Sunday Is there a diner and if so how good? Thanks