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Apr 23, 2000 08:24 PM

fruit tarts in Westchester

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L'Elysee bakery in Pleasantville is making some terrific fruit tarts these days. They use high-quality fruit that was frozen when ripe, so the tarts are never slushy like so many others. Apricot, peach, fig, pear, apple... with or without a layer of almond pastry cream on the bottom. I like it best without--more fruit that way.

Croissants and brioches are pretty darn good, too, as are the cakes (esp chocolate ganache) and cookies. But avoid the baguettes.

146 Bedford Rd (right next to Michael's Tavern, diagonally across from Cafe Strega), 914-747-5660,

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  1. I second this endorsement. The pies are very expensive, but I recently threw a party and served their mixed berry pie (with the creme) for dessert and it got rave reviews.

    Their pastries are good-- a bit uneven from my experience-- but good. But for croissants, I always try to make a trip to Mount Kisco. The bakery across the street from Hot Bagels on 117 (I've forgotten its name) has some of the most amazing croissants I've ever eaten anywhere. Go early because they run out by 9:30 or so.

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      Fruit tart (only had the pear version) at Jean Jacques catering (Ossining and Croton) is pretty darned good.

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        Josh Mittleman

        I can second that endorsement. Aside from their mediocre baguette, Jean-Jacques is reliably very good.

        One of the nice culinary things about Croton is that we've got good French pastries a mile in one direction and good Italian pastries a mile in the other.

    2. Try La Tulipe in Mt. Kisco. It's run by a young couple who make THE BEST croissant and brioche. The almond croissants are better than anything I've ever had anywhere, especially at 7:45 AM when they are just out of the oven. Compare the fruit pies, too! Sorry, don't know the address but it's in a little house at the intersection of Radio Circle and (I think) Lexington Avenue.

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        Yes, Lexington Ave. I've had some of their fancy pastries, which were delicious, and I'll look forward to the almond croissant. But I've found the people working there to be less than welcoming, so I haven't hurried back.