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Apr 18, 2000 10:37 AM

Any GOOD FOOD in Buffalo, New York area?

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Can anyone recommend good places/joints to eat in the Buffalo, New York area? Help!

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  1. g
    Gene Piekarski

    There are many good, inexspensive restaurants
    in WNY and the Niagara region. What sort of
    GOOD FOOD are you interested in? How casual/formal
    an atmosphere do you want?

    1. j
      John Piekarski

      I never eat anywhere fancy when I visit Buffalo because there are so many good, inexpensive places to eat. It's an entire city of comfort food.

      First of all, Buffalo has the world's best hot dogs. While people agrue over which hot dog place is best, I normally go to Ted's. If you do, try the Boysenberry drink. You can also get a good dog while catching a Triple-A baseball game at Pilot Field (which now has some other corporate name). Be sure to find a concession stand where they charbroil the dogs.

      For Greek, try the Towne Restaurant on Allen Street. It's an old-fashioned, travel-posters-of-Greece-decor restaurant with the standards at reasonable prices.

      The Anchor Bar claims to be the birthplace of chicken wings, but that has been disputed. (There was a good New Yorker article on the controversy years ago.) Most bars will offer wings.

      In addition to wings, you should try a beef on weck -- a roast beef sandwich on a kummelweck roll (hard roll covered with salt and caraway seeds) with fresh ground horseradish as the condiment of choice. You can find beef on weck at just about any bar with a kitchen, and it goes great with a Molson Canadian or Labatt's Blue.

      On Friday, most bars also serve a fish fry -- a huge piece of fish (pike's my favorite) served with fries and cole slaw. If there are pierogi (Polish "pasta" filled with kraut, cheese or potato and pan fried with onions) available, try some as a side.

      There's lots of good pizza and red-sauce Italian places. But I always let my family pick the place, so I don't pay attention to the names.

      Be sure to visit the Broadway Market for old-world bakeries and sausage. And also stop by a grocery store to put up a jar of Weber's horseradish mustard.

      John Piekarski
      Denville NJ

      PS -- Buffalo isn't in the Tristate area.


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      1. re: John Piekarski
        John Piekarski

        Wine X magazine recommends wine with wings. (I'll give it a try, but I love them with beer.)


      2. Some of the best deals on food worth driving for in and around Buffalo.

        Chang's Garden on Maple in Amherst -- the best Chinese food in Buffalo. Ask for the "blue" menu with regional specialties not usually found on WNY Chinese menus.

        Santaserio's (1329 Niagara St.), $5 for large pasta fazool. That's how they spell it on the menu. Beans in broth never tasted so good.

        Vargas (393 Connecticut St.), $4.50 for pernil (roast pork) sandwich. A modest storefront hides an outrageous deal on Puerto Rican goodness.

        DiTondo's Tavern (370 Seneca St.), large sausage and mushroom spaghetti, $5.95. A couple blocks from the overrated Chef's, red sauce heaven, limited menu and a line for lunch.

        And of course Duff's (Millersport and Sheridan, Amherst) for the classic Buffalo chicken wing. Yes, they were invented at the Anchor. And they were perfected at Duff's.

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        1. re: a. galarneau

          wow...separate specials menu in a chinese restaurant outside NY and SF! Now that's a find! Do they have the real serious stuff--baby vegetables, hot pots, razor clams, eel, chopped pork with salt fish, etc?

          Awesome post, by the way (I believe ever word!)...hoping to see more Buffaloans (Buffalenos? Buffalos???) as savvy as you around here!


        2. If you like Vietnamese food I would highly recommend the '99 Restaurant' in downtown Buffalo. Right next to City Hall. Looks like your average Asian takeout place from the front, but serves excellent Vietnamese dishes along with some very nice Chinese dishes. Crowded at lunchtime, but the service is pretty quick. Try the fresh shrimp spring rolls, the Pho (soup) or any of their vermicelli dishes, they are all excellent. Prices are cheap, about $6 for an entree.