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Mar 31, 2000 01:00 PM

Good Fast Food Iberian/Cuban/P.Rican in Fort Lee!

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After a few minutes cruising down Sylvan avenue in Ft, Lee (Just started a new consulting contract at Citicorp on monday) I found a great little Spanish/Puerto Rican place for lunch on 2428 Sylvan, Cafe Madrid, 201-947-4780

For a little place, the menu is extensive, with typical iberian favorites like broiled spanish sausages, shrimp/mussels in garlic sauce and paellas, in addition to many ethnic sandwiches including the venerable "Cuban", the Medianoche and the "Spanish Sandwich". They also have various sauteed dishes, puerto rican staples like Ropa Vieja as well as steaks and chops. For dessert they have a nice assortment of "batitas" or fresh fruit shakes.

I had time to try the Cuban sandwich, which was cooked on an authentic press, which was very good, as well as the Shrimp in Garlic Sauce appetizer, which was sopping in a garlicy juice of white wine, olive oil, parsley and chili flakes and was accompanied by a basket of crunchy yet soft Cuban bread to mop it up with.

To finish I had a double expresso, which was made perfectly from their professional machine. All of this in a half an hour -- just try that in Newark!

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  1. I've been there a number times for take-out lunch (after working in Ft. Lee for 10 yrs, you get to know the good lunch spots!). I agree with the Cuban sandwich - delicous, crusty, tasty... Also their caldo gallego soup is very good. And, arroz con pollo hits the spot when I'm hungry. Although I was not crazy about their paella which I tried once, oh well.

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      Jason Perlow

      Yeah.. for paellas I tend to hit Casa Vasca in Newark's Ironbound section.