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Feb 16, 2000 12:34 PM

Good Food In Nassau County

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So, we have been here almost 4 years and except for 3 or four expensive and highly publicized restaurants it seems that Nassau is a vast food wasteland. We end up in Queens for anything ethnic, ie thai, korean, etc. It's not that we're not adventurous but there seems to be a serious lack of good, reasonable food here. We live in Port Washington but we'll travel! We love Catfish Cafe in Lynbrook for Cajun and blues, Piccolo Liguria, here in town for very expensive but good italian, But I'm looking for the places they have in Queens and my old lower east side stomping grounds. Any ideas? We'll try just about anything.

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  1. You really shouldn't complain. I have lived in Nassau County for 43 years and haven't found a good popular priced place for the last 20 years.We used to have some good smaller restaurants, but they were done in by "THE DINER" .We also travel into Flushing and Brooklyn to eat in restaurants (Bo's and Sweet and Tart) and Brooklyn's Bay Ridge and Park Slope area where you have a zillion good restaurants and very few DINERS.When such numbers of consumers are taken out of the restaurant pool by the aforementioned entity (and fast food Giants)the remaining pool of consumers is not large enough to support good quality smaller operations. Another factor ,in my opinion, is the fact that Nassau County still is a bedroom community where a large segment of the population commute and only eat out on the weekends. Overhead goes on seven days aweek and it is hard to cover it in two days of business.There is one exception . Japanese restaurants
    have become very popular (and good) on the Island.My favorite, while bit of a drive from Port Washington, is a place in Long Beach called Nagahama, which I think compares very well with any place in Manhattan.

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      I also dig ethnic foods, but try this american style place called ivy cottage on hillside ave. passed hilldebrands ice cream(east of it) good food relaxed place, try it, for nassau county its prettygood. also cafe angelica in gardencity enjoy

      1. re: stephen kaye

        Sounds Interesting but where on Hillside Ave (What Town?)

    2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one whining about the food here. We came here from L.A. and my complaints are also the lack of ethnic food and the proliferation of diners. There is some good ethnic food (Carribean, Salvadoran) in the Hempstead area, and we have also found good Spanish and Mexican in Huntington (not Nassau County, but closer for some than Brooklyn or Queens).

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        nt far from you in queens, hit 1- piccola venezia in astoria 2- manducatti's in long island city 3- il tscano in doglaston

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          Have been to picola venezia, and agree it is wonderful. Thanks for your other suggestions, as babysitting allows we will try them and let you know.

          1. re: amy

            You just have to keep looking..... Try Lemon Grass Grill (Thai) in Carle Place very good food .... California Cafe in Garden City ..... Fortune Wheel in Levittown ... more to come.....

            1. re: Steve

              Thanks for your suggestions. My mother went to Ivy Cottage tonight. She liked it, mostly the atmosphere and service was very friendly. She had garlic shrimp which she said was tasty. I'm looking forward to trying it soon. It takes a while to get out...we have twin 4 1/2 year olds and not so much babysitting. Thanks again.

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                Add to your list Yaki-Dori, a small, modern, extremely clean, moderately priced Korean spot with great soups on Jericho Tpk in Syosset. They throw in goodies like kimchi, onions, radish as hors d'oeuvres with hoisin sauce. English is spoken by a few in the staff.This area strangely enough looks promising for ethnic food.

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            What are the places you found in hempstead. Huntington is pretty far for us. If we're going to trek that far we usually go to queens.

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            Hubert Plummer

            Yes, Nassau isn't as chock full of fabulous places, but there is lots of good stuff. For example, I get the honor of joining Jim for Portuguese nights in Mineola on occasion. Mineola has a huge Portuguese community. Check the link below for some great ideas.

            Also have you been to Diwan in Port Washington? Pretty good Indian, also Akbar's in Carle Place (on the Roosevelt Field Mall ring road).


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              thanks for your suggestions. I've been to Akbar which I thought was oday but not great, the food was on the greasy side. Also, been to Diwan, it's right here in town. The food is good, but on any given night the service can be terrible if there is any kind of Indian party going on. My friends have really liked the lunch and brunch barbecue.

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              Carole Weiner

              Hey, don't forget Jeffrey's in Manhasset right on Northern Boulevard. This is definitely NOT just another north shore place full of nauseating women. Jeffrey serves consistently wonderful, flavorful food and after a lovely meal he offers nifty deserts, particularly malted milk ball ice cream which my husband was thrilled to have at his big "5-0" party there. I actually prefer the fruit pies though. Don't miss the rack of lamb or the seared tuna or grilled swordfish. Jeff's is just a GREAT comfy place. I could go on forever about Jeffrey and his staff!

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                We recently returned to LaMottas in Port Washington, for a waterfront drink at sunset and stayed for dinner. What a change since 4 years ago. The food was really great. We had baked clams to start with a garlic sauce worth soaking up every drop. I had crab cakes with a terrific ginger sauce, my husband had coconut shrimp which were great, the shrimp were sweet and juicy!! It's not cheap but it was well worth it including the view. A warning: The margaritas were undrinkable, but were replaced with a smile by a terrific waitress.