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Jan 27, 2000 01:08 PM

Goan food

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I'll be eating at a Goan restaurant this weekend (it's in Port Chester or Stamford--I can't remember which).

Does anybody have any suggestions for specialty dishes? I did a little research on the Internet, but short of learning of the Portugese influence, I didn't get much sense of it.

Thanks for any help.


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  1. please, please dont do this to me. is there REALLY a goan restaurant somewhere in this area? please tell me what its called and where it is and i'll call them and give you a much better read about what they seem to be good at. its one of my favourite indian cuisines - the coconut based curries are especially delish. incidentally, vindaloo is a goan dish made badly by every punjabi/moghlai restaurant that offers it - you might get a chance at the real version here. if these guys are grinding their masalas fresh, we are all in for a rare treat.

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      The place is called Miramar, address 134 North Main Street, Port Chester, NY, phone: 914-939-0477.

      Let me know what you find out!



      1. re: Susan

        heres the scoop: the place seems to be run by trevor coutinho (fine goan name that!) and his claim is that he makes the best goan food outside of india. his constraint is the obvious one: his clientele is not mainly goanese, so he has to tone down the fieriness. folks, this is fine. goans regularly have to tone down their cuisine when the 'heathens' (i.e. hindus) are guests. miramar grinds its own masalas and marinates when required for days - sounds good to me. i asked trevor if he'd 'beef up the vindaloo if it was too tame' and he got pretty mad at me. 'dont you know theres a balance to the spices? you think i'm a bengali adding vinegar and chili to a basic curry and calling it vindaloo? certainly not!'

        when i asked for the dishes he liked the most he started telling me about the ones the critics liked or that 'moved', but i couldn't recognise them. so definitely try his vindaloo, and then maybe his version of sorpatel. i've linked a list of goan recipes below if you are curious about ingredients.

        gosh, i cant wait to go! but you'll be there before me, so will you post and tell us how you fared? thanks again.


        1. re: howler

          Thanks for all of your help. That was certainly above and beyond the call of chowhound duty!

          I'll be sure to post a follow-up, but I'll cop now to a total ignorance of any type of Indian food.


          1. re: Susan
            Susan Thomsen

            Hey, y'all. Another Susan checking in here! I was just at Miramar last weekend, & I thought it was good, good, good! Don't miss the pork Goan vindalho. Delicious. The service is friendly and helpful (we got a short talk about the vindalho & how to pronounce it: vin-DA-loo, as well as helpful comments about the cuisine in general). It was my first Goan experience, and I'll definitely go back. In my opinion, Miramar is a chowhound kind of spot.


            1. re: Susan Thomsen

              Well, inspired by the posts, MU and I went to Miramar last night.

              All I can say is, maybe it's a meat thing. There are many vegetarian options on the menu, but we were both pretty disappointed with what we got. (MU ordered a veggie item too so we could share -- she's sweet.) The vegetable vindalho was sort of tasty, but not hot at all. The other main dish we ordered (I can't remember the name of it, but it translated to "boss's vegetables") was better, but both of them consisted of bell peppers and what appeared to be frozen peas, carrots, and corn. We got the tasting platter of vegetarian appetizers and found that they were all made with the same bland filling wrapped in various exceedingly greasy, fried substances (papad, mashed potato, semi-flaky pastry, dumpling). It all sounded really good on the menu, but ended up being a disappointment.

              The people were, indeed, very nice, and the little boy who ran around the place was very cute as he unsuccessfully tried to drive his plastic riding toy and eat a crispy fried snack at the same time. The promotional material they gave us about Goa was interesting and informative too. I really wanted to like the place.

              But the food just wasn't very good.

              - VF

              1. re: VF

       sounded SOOOO good, and coutinho seemed so passionate about getting his curries right. utterly bland vindaloo? oh well. anyway, im going to try them but perhaps without insanely rescheduling next week. i'll let you know.

                1. re: VF

                  Just came back from Miramar, and though I'd give it a mixed review, I would go back and try some other things. There were only three of us, one who doesn't eat beef or pork, so we had Grilled Giant Prawns (one of the "House Specialties"), and also the vegetable vindallo and a non-Goan dish, chicken sag (I'd always thought it was saag--can it be either?).

                  I agree with VF's comments about the vegetable vindaloo. I didn't miss the heat, and thought it had its own good subtle flavor, but was very disappointed to see frozen corn, carrots, and peas. The prawns were not as good as they sounded. They had been butterflied and grilled, shells on, but one of us thought they had been overcooked, and I thought that considering they looked as if they had been grilled, they were room temperature. The chicken sag was good (if mild), but not Goan.

                  For dessert we had the rice pudding, which was served with mango and rasperry purees, and I liked that very much. We also tried something called coconut flan, which was not custard but a sponge cake soaked in something tasty, and maybe the cake had coconut in it. I had a lassi with my meal, which I enjoyed.

                  The service was friendly and informative, and like I said I'd try it again, but I'd go with more people, and maybe more meat eaters.

                  FWIW, as we were getting ready to go, two tables were served something that smelled very good, and it was the grazing platter.

              2. re: Susan
                Roland Mangan

                I am trying to find the recipe to cook Goan sausage Curry can anyone help please

        2. What about the atmosphere...we passed by one Wednesday night with thoughts of checking it out and decided not to. Too bright, barren and formica. (Also completely empty; presumably you went on a weekend where there was something of a crowd.) Come to think of it, this is in direct contrast to most Indian restaurants, which go out of their way to be dark, ornate and textured. So if atmosphere is any concern at all...

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          1. re: Neil

            Actually, we had to go early to accommodate my friend's schedule, so we were there 6 p.m. on a Saturday, and we were the only people there. When we left, around an hour, hour and a half later, the only other people were 4 couples at one table with their children at another.

            I thought the atmosphere was fine. Not an especially attractive place, but not in anyway unpleasant. In general, however, I'm pretty dense about things like that. That space used to be a restaurant called Siam Grill, and I don't think the new owners have made many changes.