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Jan 22, 2000 12:14 PM

Chez Noelle - Port Washington, L.I.

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I've heard some good buzz about this French establishment in Port Washington, out on Long Island. Any of you been to this spot? Thanks.

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  1. In September my husband and I stopped in for a light lunch before a late afternoon wedding. I had the cured salmon app and a salad, and he had the daily soup special - wild mushroom. Both of us were pleased with the choices, and after looking at the dinner menu, (typical Bistro offerings) agreed we would go back if we ever found ourselves in the neighborhood in the evening, but would probably not make a special trip out from Manhattan. If I remember correctly, the chef is Lyonnaise, as was our server that day. Certainly worth checking out if you're near.

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      Been there twice. The first time was great and the food was superb on both occasions. The service last New Year's Eve was so slow that it was absolutely painful. The other side of this si that yoy will not feel rushed out. We tried the venison, escargot and a wine I do not remember and all were wonderful. I live in town and hear that the prix fixe is a very good deal.

      1. re: amy

        It was exceptionally hard to hire staff last new year's....I think you've got to totally cut 'em a break on that one, especially in light of your otherwise great experiences...