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Jan 11, 2000 11:48 AM

Jersey City Italian

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I remember some recommendations on this board for Pronto Cena, and Casa Dante. But no one mentioned Laico's - I've heard that's good. Any opinions?

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  1. Laico's is truly fabulous, only there are no reservations, and it REALLY gets crowded. Make sure you go to the Laico's off Kennedy Blvd, though; there are two Laico's; this one is in an old house, overlooking the "slopes" of J.C.
    But...don't overlook Presto's, a small gem in Paulus Hook, on Warren Street. Also like Laico's, it takes no reservations; they make a puttanesca that can't be beat, and TO ORDER -- fresh. Gotta go, and bring your own booze.