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Chinese pastries outside the city?

Josh Mittleman Dec 16, 1999 10:12 AM

I recently went searching for a Chinese bakery in Westchester: no such thing, as far as I could tell, anywhere north of Flushing. I talked to a very nice woman at a local restaurant who suggested Golden Village on Central Ave. in Scarsdale; but when I called there, they were unsure whether they carried pastries so I haven't made the trip down to check them out yet.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Is anyone familiar with Golden Village? A general review would be welcome.

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    Carol Gerstein RE: Josh Mittleman Dec 22, 1999 01:42 PM

    Thre is an Asian market onCentral Ave. in hartsdale in the shopping center that houses the Fine ARts movie theater. Can't remember the name of the market but they have a huge selection of foods brought up from Chinatown daily including pastries.

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      Josh Mittleman RE: Carol Gerstein Dec 23, 1999 01:22 PM

      That's Golden Village. I haven't been there yet. I've heard good things about it, but they couldn't give me any information over the phone.

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        Carol Gerstein RE: Josh Mittleman Dec 25, 1999 03:41 PM

        You are correct Josh. The name of the market is Golden
        Village. And it is a very good place to buy everything from produce to hard to find spices and sauces. Owners aren't too friendly. I also buy Chinese herbs there to treat colds. They also really work.

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