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Dec 15, 1999 06:14 PM

Don't Wanna Give Up on East Meadow, But...

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I work in East Meadow, and the best I've come up with for lunchtime fare is the diners on Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Ave. The food is cheap, plentiful and blah. Any ethnic food I've had in E.M. has been terrible. When I go out with work mates, everyone assumes it will be to the diner, where the service is excellent and friendly, and the food is never an issue - just ordered and eaten as a backdrop to conversation. I'm used to a high level of cuisine, so this has been a rough and weird adjustment. Once in a while, if I get a craving for good soup or bread (again, East Meadow, where?), I dash over to Garden City and get take out, eat in my car, and dash back to work. Any alternate experiences, universes, underground gourmet movements that I'm unaware of?

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  1. I live in Los Angeles, but my inlaws live in East Meadow, and my wife and I visit them a couple times a year. In fact, we were there over Thanksgiving, and are returning to be with them for Christmas. So, I, too, have an interest in finding good food to eat in the area. There's good Portuguese in nearby Mineola: Churrasqueira Bairrada (stay away from the rodizio and go for the roast chicken, roast kid, or suckling pig), Lisbon @ Night, and I have heard that Little Portugal has reopened under new ownership. Check out "What Jim Had for Dinner" and scroll to "Bonanza in Mineola" posted on September 12, 1999 for more details. Alpha Dog also has some ideas for pizza and Italian food in Mineola. Hunam in Levittown is an okay, though not spectacular, suburban neighborhood type Chinese place. Try the slippery chicken. There are other ideas in response to my post of July 23, 1999 captioned "Long Island." Scroll down on this board until you find it. And be sure to let me and the other Chowhounds know if you find some other places for good food in the area. Happy hunting!

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      Thanks for your reply. I had read previous posting. Mineola is too far for a lunchtime dash. I cruised Hempstead Turnpike in Levittown for the Hunan and saw two - which one do you recommend? Do you have the address for Pietros? I have to say, alas, that pizza and Szechuan do not ease my despair about East Meadow cuisine.

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        The Hunam Restaurant I (and several others) keep talking about is at 3112 Hempstead Turnpike, Levittown, Long Island (516) 731-3552

        order chef chan's beef, slippery chicken, sizzling rice soups, and fried dumplings. General Tso's is real good, too (do you think The General and The Colonel ever fought together? Perhaps in the Poultryponnesian War?