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Nov 16, 1999 11:32 PM

Good deals in Secaucus area - American or Italian

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Any good deals in Secaucus, Rutherford or Lyndhurst (or closeby) Looking for a place that will serve bread, salad, meal and possibly dessert for a reasonable price.

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  1. There's a Spanish place on Rte 17 (Ridge Rd.) in Lyndhurst, whose name I can't remember, but it's the only place in the neighborhood with a huge lobster painted on the wall. It's just south of Rte. 3. I haven't been there for dinner, but at lunch they offer an enormous amount of food for $8.95, including soup or salad (had an okay sausage/beans/greens soup there; salad looked like iceberg), entree (standard stuff, I think. I'm not so familiar with Spanish food, but the shrimp in green sauce was pretty good, extra-garlicky, and there must have been 3/4 lb of shrimp there), lots of bread, FRESH POTATO CHIPS served warm (!!!) and dessert, which everyone at my table skipped because they were too full. I imagine dinner would be a little more pricey, but in amazingly generous quantities.

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      I just noticed you weren't looking for Spanish, but if you're willing to be a little flexible, the place is highly worthwhile.

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        Thanks, I have passed that place many times and always wondered if it was any good.

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      jonathan sibley

      La Estrella del Caribe is Dominican (I believe) and is pretty reasonably priced. It is alongside route 3 (service road) near Secaucase, heading East.