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Nov 12, 1999 11:06 PM

bbq in stamford-darien

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I noticed that Busters BBQ on Route 1 near the Stamford/Darien border changed it's name. Does anyone know if they are still serving the nice chopped BBQ, good ribs and powerful garlic bomb on wax paper and plastic trays like they used to? Since the demise of Pearsons, this was my favorite BBQ place in the tri-state area that I only manage to get to occaisonally and I'm hoping...praying...that a name/management change hasn't affected the style or quality.

Any news is appreciated!

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    bruce silverstein

    smoky joe's, the new name for busters is exactly the same as it was. strictly a name change. it's still about the best barbecue i've found in the region, although i've not been to pearson's since the move to jackson hgts

    1. I have been to Buster's (now Smokey Joe's) many times
      (mostly for takeout). The food is still the same and excellent. The ribs are great (a bit expensive), the
      bar-b-que chicken is also great and reasonable. The chile(red & white) is also a winner. The place itself is very plain & low-down, but it is an authentic bar-b-que as good as any in this entire area.(and perhaps better)The brisket by the pound (make your own sandwiches on a Portuguese bun), is the best value, and their sauces are also fabulous.

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      1. re: Sid Berger

        I was there when it was Busters' and I agree that it's the best in the area, but I thought the prices were high for cafeteria style service and the total lack of atmosphere in that dim basement sort of room. I thought it was sort of depressing, but it was pretty empty the night I was there, which might have contributed to it.