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Nov 4, 1999 02:00 PM

cafe antico in Mt. Kisco

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Has anyone dined at Cafe Antico in Mt. Kisco? If so, do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Decent (for area) but inconsistent food (desserts are best..real good polenta cookies). Overpriced, but so's everything around there. Very good for drinks (martinis and negronis), real warm and intimate and softly lit. Do not by any means miss thursday nights (maybe sundays too), when Joe Puma plays jazz guitar. He's an old pro, one of the few jazz musicians in the world who play the real thing from having lived through it rather than just imitating and recreating. he's a treasure.

    call ahead to be sure he's playing.

    1. They've closed :-(. According to yesterday's Journal News, The Flying Pig has moved there. Too bad, I liked the place (although I liked their older lunch menu better).

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        Friends who went to the "new" flying pig said that is was the same menu as the train station, but they significantly bumped up the prices. She said there were few entre selections under $30. Not good.

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          Had dinner there a few weeks back... not only were the prices bumped up and the same old tired menu as at the train station ... the food was not particulary good and the service was also not very good.
          Won't be going back

        2. Yeah, I looked at the menu and thought it was kind of pricey. I guess if Lexington Square Cafe and Luna can get away with it, why not them?

          It's too bad that Cafe Antico closed, since there was a nice alcoved area in the upstairs room that I hosted a couple of business dinners at. And now with the ho-hum reviews, it doesn't sound like it's worth going back under the new occupants.

          1. In slight defense - a group of friends and I were at the "new" Flying Pig a couple of weeks ago, and everyone was happy with their food. The service left something to be desired, and the prices certainly weren't bargains, but the portions were decent and the quality was excellent. I'm hoping the service was still getting into the swing of things at the new locale, and I will definitely be giving it another try.

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            1. re: kerryfood

              I actually thought the portions were pretty puny, the selection limited and the prices too high for what you got. I miss Cafe Antico.

            2. The original comment has been removed