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Oct 24, 1999 01:15 AM


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Went there this evening upon a recommendation from these boards by,I believe, Jeremy Osner. My wife and I were in the area for a craft show where my wife was exhibiting her jewelry. Two friends of ours and their daughter joined us after the show. I liked the cozy no frills atmosphere, although my friend's daughter couldn't take her eyes off of a pesty fly that kept circling our table.
As per that previous post that I mentioned, I was looking forward to huge portions of very fresh seafood. Well....the portions were not that impressive, but everything tasted very fresh to me. My wife thought the linguini with white clam sauce (her signature test dish) was a little bland, but I thought the clams were about the meatiest and tastiest I'd ever had. My "captain's platter" of broiled mixed shellfish in wine was very consistent in quality. Usually, when I order mixed seafood dishes, the shrimp are nice while the clams and mussels taste like I should maybe be concerned about getting sick later on. But everything on this plate tasted very fresh, however, my friend's wife ordered the same dish and thought it was overcooked. The New England clam chowder was not very creamy, but my friend who was otherwise not too impressed by this place, liked it very much although it could have been hotter (according to my wife the "it's not hot enough" nut). The complimentary salad, though a nice gesture, ain't nuthin'.
All in all I thought it was a pleasantly predictable dining experience in contrast to a disapointing meal we had the night before at another Oyster Bay area haunt called "La Pizzeta", which featured small portions of very ho hum bland family style Italian that would have to be half the price and twice the portion with unlimited garlic rolls and soft drink refills if this place wanted to survive in the restaurant killing fields of my native suburban South Florida!!
Please, let's hear about some more of your Long Island fave's, with some second opinion's if possible.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Yeah it was my post. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

    1. I had some of the best fried clams ever at the O.B. Clam Bar in the summer of '97. And living all my life along the coast of New Eng. I've had my share of fried clams from HoJo's on the Cape to the fritters at Harreseeket (?sp)in Maine. What made the Oyster Bay experience memorable was that fried clams were not on the menu, but the chef/owner seeing my disappointment, made a special preparation for me. I was asked what type of clam I wanted and how many. Needless to say I was way pleased. Yummy and orgasmic!

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        B. O'Sullivan

        I'm looking for a nice, soulful seafood restaurant in Oyster Bay/Bayville/Roslyn L.I. to have a wedding rehearsal dinner for about 20 people. We were going to go to Steve's Pier 1, but warnings came from friends who said that it was too expensive and cheesey (too much decor vs. good food). What about the Canterbury Ales clam bar? Any ideas?

        Thanx! - Buford