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Oct 20, 1999 10:39 AM

Humble Suggestion

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Perhaps it's time to make separate message boards for New Jersey, Long Island and Westchester/Fairfield?

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  1. no, it's PAST time, actually! Here's the deal: it currently costs Bob(TM) 10 hours (and 500 grey hairs) to install a new board. We're looking at new message board s/w that will allow instant propogation (with cool features, etc etc). Until we decide on something, test, and install it, we're staying put with our present bunch, inadequate though they may be (note that full-state Jersey listings--that is, for locations outside the NY metro area--we encourage people to post on our Mid-Atlantic message board). When we switch software, we'll be able to have boards exclusively devoted to Sri Lankan Food in Sullivan County or Italian Food Best Avoided In East Parsippany, etc etc. Life will be good.

    If anyone's interested in checking out the s/w we're currently considering, use the link below. Any comments, please email me or post on the Site Talk message board. We'd LOVE feedback on this.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Lemme guess, runs on Linux or FreeBSD?

      Phorum isnt bad, its free software of course.

      Check out the one that DVDTALK.COM runs on, I've seen it at a lot of web sites with specialty boards, they have like 100,000 sites using it so far, with some pretty major clients. The interface looks really nice and I know the database engine can handle a lot of traffic. Its called Ultimate Builletin Board, by a company called Infopop ( The software costs $82.00 a year to lease, with free upgrades during that one year lease period. You can buy a license for a little bit more but you only get free uprgrades for 1 year, so it really makes more sense to lease it.

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Well, maybe. While the new setup makes a great deal of sense, switching between regions seems to require too much backing and forthing. Perhaps the propagation of boards should be accompanied by a mechanism that permits easy switching. I gather from the S/W comment that this may be under consideration.

        At the same time, don't lose the simplicity that makes the board load quickly -- it is far too easy to lose track of things amisdst the glitz.

        just my 0.02.

        1. re: bluefrog

          Blue Frog and Jason--this discussion doesn't belong on this board. I'll start a thread on "Site Talk" called "Reply to Humble Suggesion". Join me there.