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morris county NJ indians?

jen kalb Oct 18, 1999 04:19 PM

We visit quite frequently in nw Morris County, Randolph Twp and beyond, and there seems to be quite a sizeable indian population there. Does anyone know of any worthwhile indian restaurants in that area?

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    Jason Perlow RE: jen kalb Oct 18, 1999 04:28 PM

    In Morristown, Moghul is a really fancy place -- I strongly recommend going there for lunch buffet, you really get your money's worth. Nice too for an elegant dinner but pricey.

    Theres another one that we go to for dinner during the week, I think in Madison, but the name escapes me. Rachel?


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      Rachel Perlow RE: Jason Perlow Oct 19, 1999 11:00 AM

      Jason is referring to Begum Palace, in the Staples strip mall off Main Street, Madison, 973-660-9100. This place is family run, casual, friendly, and more reasonably priced than Moghul. They have a dinner buffet on Sunday and Wednesday nights, I think, which is usually excellent. But even if we're not in the mood for a buffet, I like to go there for dinner as the a la carte menu is great.

      As Jason said, Moghul is a much fancier place. Perfect for a business dinner (or lunch if you don't mind buffet). Just like at a good chinese place (where it is good to see lots of Asians), it is nice to see the many Indians who frequent this restaurant.

      Moghul tends to have one or two semi-chinese dishes on their lunch buffet (like lo mein and/or chinese soup), "to please children". If we ever do go there for dinner again, I'd like to try the tandori lobster. We ordered traditional dishes the one time we went for dinner, and I felt they were overpriced. As long as that is the case, I may as well try some of their innovations.

      Moghul has a banquet room in the back (not just a private room - a party hall with all the trimmings) and caters lots of weddings in the area, including the Indian weddings at my parent's country club (Brooklake in Florham Park), which usually doesn't allow outside catering.

      I'd also recommend Maharani in Parsippany on Route 46 West. This is a branch of the Maharani in Fort Lee, I prefer the Fort Lee restaurant, which has a much nicer atmosphere, but the food at the one is Parsippany is just as good.


    2. j
      jonathan sibley RE: jen kalb Oct 18, 1999 06:15 PM

      Is Parsippany too far? I've had lunch several times at Chand Palace and thought that it was delicious, with some unusual dishes in the buffet. It is vegetarian, btw.

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      1. re: jonathan sibley
        jen kalb RE: jonathan sibley Oct 18, 1999 06:41 PM

        Thanks for the suggestion! The folks we visit are actually all the way out by Flanders/Mount Olive, if you know where that is, but the recommendations are at least in the geographic ballpark. Let me ask you a further question - do local indians actually patronize these restaurants?

        1. re: jen kalb
          jonathan sibley RE: jen kalb Oct 18, 1999 10:13 PM

          I have definitely seen Indians at Chand for their lunch. There are a number of places in Edison / Iselin that are largely frequented by Indians, but that isn't the area you are looking for.

          1. re: jonathan sibley
            Mr. W. RE: jonathan sibley Oct 19, 1999 12:47 PM

            It's funny that you ask about Indian (India) Food.
            We often eat at the Thai restaurant on Rt. 10 in Randolph. Indian folks often out number occidentals like ourselves 3-1.
            Perhaps the Thai curries appeal to their palate, or maybe it's the curry puffs?
            Whatever the case may be, if you like curry, then thai curries are the way to go. I am only disapointed with the "India" foods at restaurants locally, too "americanized".

            1. re: Mr. W.
              Rachel Perlow RE: Mr. W. Oct 19, 1999 01:01 PM

              Are you referring to Pearl of Siam? I find the dishes there quite good, but for some reason they seem to overcook the rice.

              1. re: Rachel Perlow
                Mr. W. RE: Rachel Perlow Oct 19, 1999 02:30 PM

                Yes, I agree about the rice, but all that aside, have you noticed on a weekend, or any night for that matter, the large groups of people with eastern appearances? They must eat here because they like it.
                I have spoken to friends of mine from Sri Lanka, and they love the red curry. Thai spiced of course!

      2. s
        Steve Osvold RE: jen kalb Oct 19, 1999 11:46 PM

        Others have mentioned Chand Palace in Parsippany and Moghul in Morristown. Both are quite good, but Moghul is held in higher esteem by my Indian friends. (It's where people go to celebrate.) Chand Palace has great dosas, among other things. I've heard that the owners of Moghul are planning to open a Moghul Express in Parsippany, which is very good news. The original, in Edison, is quite good and very popular; it's basically Indian and Indo-Chinese fast food.

        There's another place in the area you visit -- the Clay Oven, on Route 46 East, at the intersection with Route 10 (was the Ledgewood Circle before they removed the circle). They were wonderful the first several times I went there -- I remember being knocked out by the gulab jamun on my first visit -- and they were very reasonable for lunch. They weren't so great the last time I was there a few months ago, but they might be worth a stop. Caveat: They've had fewer Indian diners than the others, but I think Morris County's Indian community is more focused on Parsippany than the west end of the county.

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