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Oct 18, 1999 12:39 PM

Great Steaks in Northern Jersey?

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We love steak, but haven't found any restaurants/pubs that sell us anything we'd go back a second time for!
Only one place, which is in Ocean, down the Jersey Shore, has some of the best beef we've ever had, and that's Main Street USA. Kick butt beef, grilled clams, etc. great.
Now, back to my request. Has anyone ever had the best steak they've ever eaten in NNJ? We avoid hotel restaurants, chains like Outback, which we think sucks, and Ruth's Chris isn't anything special.
Sooooo....where's the beef?
Thanks for your recommendations, fellow chowhound.

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  1. I understand that the Palm Grill in Edgewater, NJ serves up a great steak but I have never been there -- but I understand its pricey. Real steakhouses in NJ are hard to find, I usually satisfy my primal urges in NY at Smith and Wollensky's or Peter Luger, where its worth it to blow 40 bucks on a peice of meat.

    If you could consider Cedar Knolls/Morristown as Northern NJ, check out the Texas Steak Cantina (yeah, corny name, I know). Walk up to the counter, they will cut filet mignon to your exact weight specs (I usually have them cut me a 12 ounce) . Comes with a good salad bar, you definitely wont walk out hungry. The place gets really rowdy on weekends and on friday nights though.


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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      Thanks Jason! We will definitely try it! I'll let you know how we 'fare'.

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        It is called the River Palm, one in Edgewater and they own another restaurant with the same name in Teaneck or Tenafly, I am not sure. both are very good.

        Perhaps they are a bit pricey, however, a nice big salad and potato are both included. The steaks are really great and the Porterhouse for two is really wonderful and rich.

      2. re: Jason Perlow
        Rachel Perlow

        Jay - FYI

        It's SAGEBRUSH Steak Cantina (not "Texas")
        38 Horsehill Road
        Cedar Knolls, NJ

        This is a really fun place, casual and good to go with kids. Not a "gourmet" steak experience, but good food at decent prices. Although it is crowded on Saturday nights, we've rarely had to wait on any other night. They have lots of flavors of margaritas, too (I like the frozen ones).

        It's really more of a tex-mex than a steak house, with good fajitas, etc, but when Jason needs STEAK ASAP, it's the place we go for a fix. I like the garlic filet or the prime rib. Oh, and they'll get the doneness right to your order - if you order rare or med rare, you better want it bloody. It's the only place I order filet medium (rather than med rare).


      3. I would have to vote for Arthur's.

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          If you like Arthur's in Morris Plains, try the place next door, Collins Pub. Their NY Strip is a notch above. Although not served every day, their sauteed fresh mushrooms are a great side dish.

          1. re: jracpa

            When I lived in Morris Plains, we used to go to Collins Pub on Mondays ....I agree the Strip was a good choice, only we had the Maine Lobster for a side..and created our own Surf & Turf.

        2. 1) Strip House Livingston
          2) Rod's Convent Station
          3) Roots Morristown

          1. There are vast differences between steakhouses, especially the ones that age their own steaks. Then there is wet vs. dry aging.

            A steak aficionado that I know and trust says that the Park Steakhouse in Park Ridge is #1 for dry aged steak, which is the best. They age 21 days. This is THE place for serious steak lovers.


            1. I am a steak guy, I've lived in NNJ over 30 years, and I think I have been to every steak place there is, LOL. What does that mean? Nothing, my tastes, likes, etc. are mine and you may not like what I like. I don't count Outback, or the "chains" like that as real, hard-core steak houses.

              That said, I'll give you my top two -- not in ranking order -- and then I'll follow up with a few more.

              The River Palm. The original location is in Edgewater and of the 3 locations is the best IMO. It's more "crowded" and you will have to wait (if you go on a weekend), but for most, it's worth it. LOL. They have locations in Fair Lawn on Rt. 4W and in Mahwah, right off Rt. 17 and Rt. 202. Excellent steak. I've been to the other locations, and I like them, but there is something, more than one thing, about the original location.

              The Assembly, in Englewood Cliffs. Long time favorite of many, popular, and yes, excellent steaks. This place too can be crowded and if you go on the weekends, yes, you will have to wait. But it is well worth it. I've been going here since they've opened, and I'll keep going. Not only are there excellent steaks, but the entire experience is excellent.

              OK, after that...check out Capital Grille in Paramus (Garden State Plaza). If you like it, there's a Morton's in the Hackensack (Riverside Square).

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              1. re: ELA

                Interesting that you include the Assembly in your list, it's not an aged steak.

                Have you ever been to Park in Park Ridge?

                1. Prime & Beyond -- yes, very good recommendation! Yes, very good place if you are looking for something "different" -- outside the normal, traditional steak place, steakhouse, etc. I've been going there from the beginning as I used to live around the corner. I was buying meat there from "Q" the butcher before he opened the restaurant.

                  One interesting thing about "Q" -- the butcher and (co) owner is that he offers both "dry" and "wet" aged meat.

                  The dry aged offerings are usually the bone-in cuts (Porterhouse, T-Bone, etc.) and the wet aged are the boneless cuts (filet mignon, NY strip, sirloin, etc.) -- but call or check the website to confirm and see what they are doing/offering currently.

                  I like the burger at Dinallo's, but I've never been a big fan of their steak. It's around the corner from my office and I go there often as it's convenient, close, quiet for a business lunch, etc. -- and a friend who is there all the time (a real regular) recommended I order the sliced NY strip when we met there for lunch. It was "good" but not to the point where'd I go there specifically for it, say above one of my top choices. However, I will certainly go there and try it again, and I'll see how it goes -- and thanks for the recommendation.

                  1. re: ELA

                    You gotta love the police ....I agree with you, 21 days is not enough. All the best steakhouses age a minimum 28 days.

                    1. re: ELA

                      if you try the steak sandwich again ...give a try my way, a take on Tuscan or Bisteca Fiorentina....ask for the bottle of olive oil, any fresh herbs they have and lemon halves.

                      1. re: fourunder

                        Interesting, thank you! So how do you ask for it, or how do you fix it up? Do you just drizzle some olive oil, fresh herbs and lemon on the steak? Thanks.