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Oct 5, 1999 09:15 AM

chinese banquet/dim sum in New Jersey

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I'm looking for a dim sum/Chinese banquet restaurant in Northern/Central N.J. to bring 12 girls for a sweet 16. Atmosphere is as important as the
food with this group.

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  1. r
    Rachel Perlow

    My top three choices are:

    1) Silver Pond in Fort Lee, on Main St opposite the Post Office
    2) Ocean King in Livingston, corner of S Livingston and Mt. Pleasant
    3) Silver Pond in East Hanover, Rt 10 W in Pathmark strip mall

    See the thread my husband started for more (link below) and next time please do a search before posting to see if others have already answered your question.



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    1. re: Rachel Perlow
      Rachel Perlow

      Oh yeah - the Silver Pond in Fort Lee does have a semi-private room (walled with glass brick, open doorway), but I wouldn't recommend it because the servers tend to forget about you in there. Instead, get a huge round table (in any of these places) with a lazy susan in the middle and get lots of different things to share.

      1. re: Rachel Perlow
        Won't go there

        Just before the septic system backed up into the ajoining stores and the parking lot, and the kitchen, we ate here. Don't ever look at the kitchen.

        1. re: Won't go there
          Rachel Perlow

          I assume you're talking about SP in FL. When did this happen? I will say the bathrooms aren't that great there, but I have looked in the kitchen and didn't see anything untoward. As yours is an anonymous post, I wonder if you have some sort of grudge against this place?

          Also, in corresponding with Arthur Schwartz (of WOR radio, NYC), I commented that I tend to judge restaurants by the bathrooms (i.e. if they're gross I won't be back). He said (approximate quoting from memory), "Don't ever look in the bathrooms at chinese places, you won't have any places to go to!"

          Needless to say, you do have to lower your standards with regard to facilities if you want to go to dim sum!

          1. re: Rachel Perlow
            no not florida/no grudge

            It was the one on route 10 in east hanover. made both the daily record and the ledger. There is a clothing store next door. unmentionable items flowing through the walls and out into the parking lot. We actually had nice meals here until a few days before the flood. I had terrible food poisoning, my wife, didn't/couldn't eat for days. We then learned why.

            1. re: no not florida/no grudge

              So that leaves me the Silver Pond in Fort Lee or Ocean King in Livingston. I can't risk getting 12 teens sick at the SP in East Hanover.

              1. re: mjacobs88
                jonathan sibley

                I thought the Dim Sum at Silver Pond in Fort Lee was quite good and more varied than other Dim Sum I've had in NJ (China Gourmet in West Orange and North Sea in Livingtson).

                If you are going on a Saturday, you could also buy some delicious Armenian food to take home at Ruth's Gourmet (not open on Sundays, alas). It's just down the street from Silver Pond.

                1. re: jonathan sibley

                  I tried a new dim sum place on Rte 46 in Parsippany.
                  Its in the Shoprite Plaza. The name was something like
                  Shu Noodle dim sum and seafood restaurant. It could be right out of china town. Rolling carts and hanging ducks, chickens, pigs etc in the back. It seemed a bit more expensive than Siver Palace et al but the food and
                  service were good.

                  1. re: Jim T

                    Hi Jim, and yes, it's called Noodle Chu. Try it, it's very nice.

                  2. re: jonathan sibley
                    Rachel Perlow

                    The one in Fort Lee is the best, and would be my choice for the party. The girls would probably enjoy seeing Fort Lee, drive under the GW Bridge, see the NYC skyline by driving along River Road, etc.

                    Advice: don't accept any dish from a tray with more than one variety of dim sum on it (they're usually cold from waiting too long) and I usually pass on anything offered by the guy with the really thick glasses (they give him the aforementioned leftovers and other unpopular items).

                    Definitely stop by Ruth's if the store's open. I added the link to Jim's homage below.



                    1. re: jonathan sibley

                      i've been to silver pond quite a few times...all times, the food sucks...being from california, this dim sum is totally unacceptable...i have yet to find a dim sum place i like in nj.....

                      1. re: frances

                        I ate at Silver Pond yesterday. I must agree. The food was horrible. It did look nice though. A food photographer's dream. There are a few decent places in New York though.

                    2. re: mjacobs88
                      not saying it still has a problem

                      I am only giving the facts.
                      A. They had some problems with their septic system
                      B. This had to be fixed, otherwise they would be closed by the health department
                      C. Their food isn't bad, just uneven
                      D. The Dim Sum is ok, I can do without the pig feet in ginger sauce
                      E. Do NOT EVER order the Salt and Pepper Pork Chops, they are inedible.
                      otherwise enjoy your meal.
                      (We haven't been back since the sewer incident)

                    3. re: no not florida/no grudge
                      Rachel Perlow

                      So was the flood at the restaurant because of Hurricane Floyd? If so, I wouldn't hold it against the restaurant - whole towns flooded then!

                      We'll have to check it out, haven't been to dim sum in about six weeks, so I don't know if they've recovered or not.

            2. r
              Rachel Perlow

              I can't believe I forgot to mention this place. Click below for my reply from a thread on the Manhatten Board.


              1. Try Silver Pond Seafood Restaurant on Route 10, East Hanover. Outstanding dim sum. I'm a New Yorker living in Northern NJ for 17 years and it took a long time to find this place. It's great.

                1. I wrote to you about Silver Pond in E. Hanover NJ and then read what some readers had to say about their problems. Let me put my two cents into the mix here and tell you that two weeks after they re-opened, we had my gramma's 95th birthday there, at her request. There were 60 of us and we ate everything from a ton of dim sum (we're brooklyn italians with incredible appetites, to 12 Peking Ducks, to 8 crispy sea bass in either garlic, ginger and scallion, or mushroom brown sauce. Everyone ate everything, and no one got even indigestion. Maybe I've been around NYC restaurants on the lower east side too long, but little problems that are fixable will never stand in the way of us experiencing the true Chowhound meal.
                  Hope you go at one point.

                  1. What about Baumgart's cafe in Englewood, I don't know if they have dim sum, however, it is a very popular spot, the food is quite good. It certainely has an atmosphere all it's own.... just a suggestion.