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Oct 2, 1999 05:37 PM

Beana's Mexican Restaurant, Rte. 35, Rahway, NJ

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My husband and I had the displeasure of eating at Beana's about 9 months ago. Unless they've changed their chef in that time, the food is below mediocre. The food is so far from authentic that "South of the Border" is a truer experience. The first giveaway to the bad state of affairs was the salsa - the ketchup variety. The Rice & Refried Beans were arrid and everything else was basically congealed glop.

If you're looking for great soul-satisfying Mexican, go a little further south and try Tacqueria "El Poblano" on New Street in New Brunswick. If you don't speak Spanish, bring someone who does -- or at least know menu Spanish and how to recite numbers.

Great items on the menu: Enchiladas verdes de pollo [chicken w/ green sauce & sour cream] (blistering and orgasmic); Tamales con queso (spicy with jalepeno - weekends only); Huge Burritos (especially con carne de puerco [pork]); Arroz y Frijoles (Rice & Beans) - mouthwatering, along with just about everything else!

If you're really looking for real -- this is the place!

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    Steve Viterali

    Been to Beana's twice now...and the first time was not so good. The second time was better. I really like the atmosphere, that zany eclectic acid trip deco is real neat. For the most part the food is nothing to rave about, it's not authenic, and the salsa is more like tomato paste. But I did like the La Posole'soup, a chicken and hominy soup topped with mole'. The Chicken Quesadilla wasn't so shabby and for the first time I had a Tamale. Might even stop in there agian. I think Jose Tejas is over rated,too crowded and been going downhill for some time now. I will check out "El Poblano" Thanks

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      Do give El Poblano a try -- but be warned: it might be culture shock for you. My husband is a little shy of the place because the locals who staff and frequent the place are not particularly friendly -- but it's more than worth a try. There is NO atmosphere -- more like Mexican luncheonette. We usually do takeout. For $20 we usually bring home a big bag of flavors!

      Good luck and let me know what you think.

      P.S. Their salsa is not the chunky, tomatoey type: more pureed peppers than tomato. I'm not sure if they serve Pico de Gaio (sp?), but we plan on asking next time (which will be next weekend!). And a word about their quesadilla: they are deep fried -- I'm not crazy about them.

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        Steve Viterali

        Went to El Poblano yesterday. I see what you mean by no atmosphere.....I did take out. The menu is very authentic but somewhat limited.....I ordered chicken enchiladas with poblano mole'and it was fantastic. While driving around yesterday i saw 3 or 4 other restaurants...I stopped in Oaxaqueno #2 on Drift st and was going to do some take out but after eyeballing
        the menu for a couple minutes I decided to eat there. There is atmosphere here and it is friendly......but it's hardcore Mexican. I had a pork tamale for a little appetizer and enchiladas verde for the main dish....both were great and the portions were much bigger than El Poblano. This place has an extensive menu with 2 pages of specials. I like this place!

        1. re: Steve Viterali

          This sounds fantastic! I can't wait to find it and try it out. Thanx for being such a good chowhound!

        2. re: Deborah

          "And a word about their quesadilla: they are deep fried -- I'm not crazy about them"

          I know what you mean, but, FWIW, that's the way they're made in parts of Mexico.

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