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Oct 1, 1999 04:06 PM

Real Bbq in Linden NJ?

  • j

I was driving on Saint Georges Avenue in Linden (or neighboring town) and went by a little place called something like Mom's Pit Bbq. Unfortunately, I didn't stop in time, so I don't have any idea if it is any good, so I was wondering if anyone has tried it? If not, I'll try to get back there.

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  1. I have pretty extensive notes on NJ bbq, but nothing poppiing up by anything close to that name. I'll check it out if I go by.

    Anyway, this shows why we must follow the Chowhound Cardinal Rule: Always stop and get a takeout menu! Your friends, family, doctors, etc can wait a few minutes! (that last part is part of the Rule)

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    1. re: Jim Leff
      jonathan sibley

      Well, I felt sort of sheepish as I looked for a place to pull over or turn around and couldn't come up with anything. Just making excuses, I guess.

      It is fairly far north on Saint Georges (I was on my way back from Madhuban where I had a quite good, but not earth-shattering Indian buffet lunch). If you're in that area, you can always stop by Fritz's German butcher shop for some sausages, etc. on North St (I believe) near Keane College.

      Also, took a look at Beana's Mexican Restaurant (and picked up a menu). Might be good, but most of the menu didn't look particularly authentic to me.

      At least now I know the rules