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Sep 30, 1999 04:31 PM

Atlantic City Casinos

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I am going to Atlantic City for a long weekend and I am staying in the Trump Taj. I know there is a steakhouse and Italian restaurant in the hotel, however, any suggestions for an excellent meal in the area, price no object (celebration of sorts), where would you recommend?

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  1. marty, for various technical reasons, there's more NJ discussion on a separate message on "mid-atlantic" in that map on our homepage, then choose the mid-atlantic message board. You'll find lots of Atlantic City discussion (anyway, Atlantic City isn't really in the tristate metropolitan area).

    If you look back at the New York homepage (where you found the link to this board), you'll see information on how NJ and CT were handled in our recent expansion and redesign.


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      thanks for the help...enjoyed you on arthur s.

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      Rachel Perlow

      First, as Jim said, you should have put this in the Mid-Atlantic Board.
      Second, did you do a search before posting? There already is lots on AC.
      Below is a link to my post about our trip to AC over Labor Day Weekend 99.