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Sep 28, 1999 04:10 PM

pizza in NJ

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I heard the talk on Arthur Schwartz' Food Talk radio show about pizza in NJ and wondered if anyone had tried Ferrara's in Westfield or Benny's in Hoboken. I moved back here about a year ago from San Francisco, (wonderful place, but weird pizza!), and find that I like almost any pizza, provided it is real, regular pizza--by that I mean nothing odd or un-Italian on it (like walnuts or Thai Chicken--a California favorite).
My father swears by the pizza he gets in the Port Authority in NY and I like the pizza from Three Brothers down the Jersey Shore. I know, not gourmet fare, but I like it! After 4 years in California, where pizza is a completely different species made by everyone in all kinds of flavors and configurations, even if the pizza I get here in NJ is not great, I tend to like it.

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    The Critical Diner

    Benny's slices are huge and tasty (if you like an excessively oily/greesy pie). I have developed some serious concerns about Benny's vis-a-vis cleanliness and no longer patronize that place. There was recently a discuss about Benny's on NJO's food forum, which can be found at

    1. I don't know ANY of those places! But I have to admit, you worried me a bit when you said you "like almost any pizza"...

      hey, is Ferrara's anywhere near Excellent Diner in Westfield? That's been on my check-out list forever

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        Ferrara's is indeed near the Diner. (Westfield is pretty small)

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          Unfortunately, the Excellent Diner in Westfield closed a year or two ago. My husband and I loved it for breakfast and were sad to see it go.

      2. how about Brooklyn Coal Oven pizza in Hackensack??

        great thin crust. fresh toppings. it's in the oven for only 4 minutes (i've timed it)...and it comes out fresh and hot.

        1. Marlboro Pizza in Marlboro NJ is soooo good. With all the Brooklynites and Staten Islanders that live in this area...there is no need to spend the 6 bucks ( almost 8 now) to cross the bridge. Mmmm Mmm good! Eat it there - you will fall in love. Its on Route 79 in a shopping center...totally wouldn't think it ya know - but really spot on!

          1. Tenafly Pizzeria & Restaurant (TPR) in Tenafly is excellent, Federici's in either Freehold or Howell/Lakewood is great, Pete & Elda's in Neptune, Conte's in Princeton..............all good choices. Enjoy!