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Sep 27, 1999 05:04 PM

Any Cuban places in Westchester?

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I've been looking for good, Cuban food since I got back from Miami, and can't find anything. I'd settle for Cuban coffee at a latin restaurant! Any suggestions? I'm also looking for a good portuguese restaurant in/around N. Westchester.

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  1. Yes! There's Cuban that's decent at least (though I only tried once, a few months ago) in Mt. Kisco. I don't know the name...but if you head into town from...what is it, 303? The road that goes to the reservoir...make a right just after the tiny bridge, make your first right onto the street that winds around to the left, and you'll see it on the right.

    Maybe I can get Abigail (who lives nearby) to come on and clarify.


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      Hi : The cuban ( sorry I don't know the name )is in downtown Mt. Kisco on Lexington Avenue. It is right near Hellers Shoes ( same side of street four doors down heading away from the main downtown area )

      Jim is thinking of route 133. You can follow Route 133 into town and at the secon stop light take a right thats Lexington Avenue head through the downtown area ...the restaurant is on right ..

      very easy to find

      1. re: abigail

        I know where that is! So what's good to eat there?

    2. There is indeed a good Cuban restaurant (I'm surprised no one mentioned)in White Plains, Rte 22, Post Road -- Latin American Cafe. Casual, nice, kid-friendly, good service, and it's quite possible to have an excellent Cuban meal there. My favorites: Appetizer of chorizo (sausage) and tostones (fried unripe plantain) -- a great combo I haven't seen elsewhere. Ask for some hot sauce (they'll give you a bottle of the Louisiana-type) to sprinkle sparingly on the tostones. Good lechon asado (served with red onion; again haven't seen that elsewhere). The soups are all great; try the caldo gallego (white bean, kale and pork). Terrific flan and cafe con leche (a must) to end the meal. (Some of their dishes are less successful; I'm not big on any of the shrimp dishes, for example.) My Cuban-born wife and I have sampled Cuban restaurants all over South Florida (Padrino's in Hallandale/ Sunrise is my recommendation there, by the way). Suffice to say that Latin American Cafe is not the very best we've been to, but it's more than good enough and a treasured option for us for Cuban food in our home area.