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Sep 26, 1999 09:47 PM

*Great* Danish in Edgewater

  • j

Riding my bike through Edgewater this morning I happened to stop in at a little bakery called Dina's. It's on River Rd. (Bergen Co. Rte. 505) about a mile or less south of Fort Lee. There I ate an excellent Crumb Danish -- a Danish with crumb topping where you would expect to find fruit or cheese. I think it also had a little bit of apricot jam mixed in underneath the crumb topping. I don't really know what to say about the experience of eating it besides that I was in heaven.

The bakery is owned by a Jordanian couple (so I guess what I ate was a Jordanian Danish?) and has been in business about 6 months. In addition to Crumb Danish they sell a couple of fruit Danishes, Walnut (!) Danish, and some cakey things that don't look like anything special. Their coffee is pretty good.

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