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Sep 21, 1999 01:03 PM


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For Thanksgiving, a big group of my family members (18
people!) is going to stay at Kutscher's, in Sullivan
County. I've never been there; can anyone who has give
me advice re: the food there?


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  1. Oh, my gawd! Memories of family weekends at
    Kutscher's come rushing back. I sincerely hope, for
    your family's sake, that things have changed since I
    was a kid and used to go there with my folks in the
    '60s. Huge tables in the enormous dining room, huge
    menus, incredible amounts of food, and most of it
    completely unremarkable. If I remember correctly, the
    big draw was the variety and the amount of Eastern
    European Jewish (not kosher) food for the money, not
    necessarily the quality. But I have to assume that
    things have changed there in 30 years. Anyway, you'll
    be with your family and will be able to share the
    experience, good or bad. I just hope you all have a
    good sense of humor!

    1. spent many vacations there, many yrs ago. Went back 4
      yrs. ago and saw some changes. Much has stayed the
      same. As far as the food, you do not go there for the
      food alone. It's good, and plentiful. Get used to
      ordering your entre, with "a side" of another entre
      for "a taste". That's common there. The hotel was
      still kosher when we were there which means, no
      smoking in the dining rm on friday nite or sat. (The
      Sabbath) No cooking on sat for breakfast.eggs are
      poached, lots of smoked and pickled fish on Sat. AM
      and dairy lunch on Sat.(salad platters etc.) Lots of
      things doing during the day and evening.Indoor pool,
      classes speakers. Enjoy!!!