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Sep 13, 1999 04:14 PM

North Fork Restaurants

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Anyone have any suggestions for an early October
weekend dinner on the North Fork? TIA.

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  1. The Elbow Room in Jamesport Excellent marinaed steaks
    and seafood

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    1. re: Pat
      Steve from Rhinebeck

      I'm so happy you mentioned The Elbow Room. I've been going there off and on for 30+ years. While I havn't been there in about 4-5 years, I've been having cravings for there marinated porterhouse steaks. (I remember when the complete dinner was $4.95!) Anyway, after a day of wine tasting on the North Fork, dinner at the Elbow Room would be great! Also don't forget "Cliffs
      Elbow Too" a few miles further east, in case the original is crowded. Please let me know if it's as good as I remember.

      1. re: Steve from Rhinebeck

        Thanks to all for replying - I've been doing some checking since my original post. I grew up out there, and as a child a big night out with Mom and Dad was dinner at Cliff's - I wasn't aware the place was still open when I first posted. I have since learned there're actually 4 Cliff's - one of which was recently sold, the Southold location; scuttlebutt says the deal included the rights to the name, but nothing about the recipe for the marinated porterhouse. I remember seeing the secret recipe years ago in some airline magazine or something - the key ingredient was apparently "beau monde" seasoning with lots of worchestershire and onion. The other big name out there is Ross's North Fork, but that's up for sale too. Anyway, we're still checking. Will report back. Thanks.

    2. The last time I headed for the ferry at Orient Point, I noticed an outdoor greek restaurant in Greenport (on the main drag east of the center of town) Does anyone know anything about this place? It looked like fun.

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      1. re: jen kalb

        My son in law is Greek and says it is good and authentic. And he cooks himself. Judge for yourself

        1. re: RandR

          super, thanks! I didnt expect to get a response...what does your son-in-law recommend there?

      2. My wife and I have been visiting eastern LI for 30+ year and have frequented the restaraunts "out east". A favorite is the eastern most of Cliff's Elbow rest. - Elbow East, off North Road near the water west of Greenport.
        But the older Cliff's Elbow Two gets poor marks after this last weekend when we never got past a bar order horribly done wrong and the unremitting barmaid had an attitude that sent us away and back east to the Elbow East for dinner - a fine one. It is now under new though related management and shows signs of being even better with Valentine Day specials offered at a very high quality as well as their regular items. I always had a rule to stick to lobster, fried shrimp, or marinated steak (filet or porterhours or strip) I may have to expand my list.
        Other good restaraunts include the Seafood Barge and Porto Bello. The barge got a NY Times best seafood restaraunt of the east end a few years back. I think it has rested on its laurels but is still good. Porto Bello has moved from a marina setting to Main Road and next visit "out east" we'll probably give it a try. If anyone is interested, we'll give you a note.