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Sep 9, 1999 03:26 PM

Pepe's closed for vacation

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I finally found myself hungry and in New Haven, and
with a willing companion headed over to Pepe's to
sample the pizza I've heard so much about. Alas,
pepe's is closed until September twenty-somethingth
for vacation. Sigh...

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  1. The Spot too? Or just the big store next door?

    The Spot, which is the smaller building in the parking
    lot next to Pepes and serves as a sort of annex for
    Pepe's overflow, doesn't seem quite as transcendent as
    Pepe's proper (probably has something to do with the
    ovens), but still doesn't suck. It's sometimes open
    when Pepe's is closed. Same owners & recipes, I think.

    In my experience, Sally's, down the block and just as
    legendary, is usually closed on the same schedule as
    Pepe's. But I don't get to New Haven that much.