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Sep 3, 1999 02:04 PM

Wildwood, NJ - Where to eat?

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Going to Wildwood for a day and a night over the
holiday weekend. Gotta eat -- but where? Any
suggestions are welcome. Cheap joints, expensive
"destinations" - doesn't matter. Thanks.

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  1. Ended up wating at The Blue Crab in case anyone cares.
    I had really good sauteed softshell crabs that were
    served with a cream sauce. Even though I usually
    prepare softshells with Cajun spices and simply sauteed
    or grilled after marinating in soy and garlic I found
    this variation quite tasty. One of my dinner
    companions had Oysters Supreme as an appetizer. I had
    never tasted oysters prepared this way (because I love
    them on the half shell so much) but this also was quite
    good. Both dishes I felt had a little too much
    creaminess to them. It seems to me that cream and
    dairy in general tends to disguise the taste of
    seafood, especially shellfish which tends to have a
    very delicate taste. Anyway, the rest of the dishes
    ordered by my companions (crab cakes and mixed seafood
    over pasta) were only mediocre. We did have drinks and
    wine and for the three of us the tab came to about
    $100 so I guess you could say prices were fair.
    However, it's the kind of place you have to dress for
    and I'd much rather have gone to the crabhouse down the
    road that serves spiced, steamed crabs on top of
    newspaper -- no dress code -- on the water -- down and
    dirty. That kind of place is more my speed. Can't
    remember the name but it seems to be one of the most
    popular eateries in Wildwood and it's on the main
    drag into town so you can't miss it. Also, if you're
    in the area there's a huge and top quality fish
    market on the way to Cape May that's worth a visit.
    It's called the Lobster House and includes a restaurant
    section besides the fish market. Don't know what
    the restaurant is like but the market is top notch
    with fair prices so if you're in the market for
    seafood, don't miss it.