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Sep 3, 1999 10:32 AM

Looking for food near Cornwall-on-Hudson

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I'm going to be in Black Rock Forest near Cornwall.
Afterwards I'd like to find some dinner. The
restaurant would have to be informal enough that hikers
and babies would be welcome.

Previously, I'd always headed north to New Paltz, but
there's got to be something closer.



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  1. The place you are looking for is the Hudson Street Cafe
    at 237 Hudson St in Cornwall-0n=Hudson. At first glance
    it looks very tiny, just a few tables and a counter,
    but they have recently opened a large dining room. The
    chef is a C.I.A. grad. He cooks up some excellent food
    here. The place is very informal and family / hiker

    1. I have been in Cornwall to visit relatives many times and have found a local treasure - Painters. It is on the main St - sorry forgot the street name and address. It has a varied menu and food is terrific and the staff is very attentive yet it is a relaxing spot. I hope you enjoy!!