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Aug 31, 1999 04:47 PM

Foodmart International in Jersey City

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Has anyone been here?

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  1. I was there last year. If memory serves, it has a large
    assortment of Korean/Asian stuff, including produce,
    but is mildly overpriced except for extra-cheap
    specials. Good if you're in the neighborhood, but not
    (to me) worth a special trip.

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    1. re: MU
      Frank Language

      Is this the same as Yaohan? On a FirstClass BBS I
      frequent, there was a discussion about Yaohan in Jersey
      City, where one guy raved about the place, and another
      guy went and ended up agreeing with him: "Someone
      posted trivia about Yaohan awhile back.
      Well we finally went and had a blast.
      Ate sushi, shopped for adenishiki, enoki and other
      Felt like we were in Japan"

      First guy replied: "Your Welcome..
      I think Yaohan is the place..
      The resturants are cheap.
      They got a lot of good stuff..
      The supermarket there not cheap, but the quality of
      their meat & fish is REALLY good.
      Plus they have stuff you just cannot get anywhere

      "Also if you walk behind Yaohan, there is another mall
      with a crabhouse and outback steakhouse.."

      Because I don't ever go to Jersey City, I have no idea
      if this is the place you're talking about.

      1. re: Frank Language

        >Is this the same as Yaohan?

        It sounds like a completely different place. The Int'l
        Market is a supermarktet that opened about 2 years ago.
        No restaurants, though I know the original plans
        called for opening up other stores and restaurants next
        to the market.

        I'd love to learn more about Yaohan..

        1. re: glenn

          Yoahan is on the Hudson in Edgewater or nearby and the
          other is in Jersey City.
          Yoahan is like being in Japan albiet cheaper.

          1. re: glenn

            i wonder if there is foodmart international in new york city?

      2. Yes. Is there anything in particular you want to know?

        As mentioned, they have a large Asian section. I guess
        that's why they call themselves international. The
        meat is not the greatest. I'm not cost savvy, so I
        can't tell you whether they're economical. If you have
        a question about where to find something, good luck.
        The most important aspect to me aside from whether they
        carry what I'm looking for, is how fast I can complete
        my least favorite chore of shopping. In that regard, I
        rank them highly.

        1. We shop there all the time.

          As someone mentioned, they have quite a selection of Asian foods (and not just chinese). it seems that spanish and a few other foods are well represented as well.

          the produce is generally pretty good, and i've often had whoever is stocking the produce ask if i'd like a fresh one of whatever i was about to pick up.

          a lot of fresh fish, although i've seen some 'floaters' most times, which turns me off.

          meats are respectable, and there's quite a selection of body parts that i would never eat

          it's best to go if you know exactly what you want, and exactly where it is! that really means, the first 4 times you go, it will be a headache, but after that, it becomes invaluable (unless you want to jump on the path to chinatown)