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Aug 24, 1999 02:23 PM

Westchester Weenies

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Not trying to compete with the folks from Fairfield at
all, but if you're looking in Westchester, nothing
compares to Walters in Mamaroneck. Small roadside
stand behind Mam. H.S. that's been there for years and
years. Can't eat inside but there are picnic tables
although most eat in the car. Dogs are split, basted
in butter, served on the best rolls you've ever had
with their own mustard which has some relish in it.

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  1. h
    Harris Gershman

    You make it sound so orgasmic...tried it once when we
    lived down the street. Waited in line forever with a
    bunch of nostalgia-hungry yups who'd traveled far and
    wide to recapture their lost youths blah, blah ,blah.
    Only thing more boring than the conversations was THE
    FOOD! What an overblown hype! Build a roadside weenie
    hut and they will come, I guess. Stay home and grill a
    Hebrew Nat!

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    1. re: Harris Gershman

      My opinion is somewhere in-between. No, Walter's is
      not a great hot dog. I'll never forget the look of
      disgust from my father, who grew up in Coney Island,
      after I took him to Walter's (and after I hyped it a
      bit as a local landmark). This is someone who has
      regularly visited the original Nathan's since the
      1930's, but he'd rather go to the Yonkers outpost than
      Walter's any day. BUT -- Walter's is a pretty cool
      place. The hot dogs, though a curiously pale kind of
      meat (doesn't smack of the quality of...well,
      Nathan's), are well-grilled, and the mustard mixture
      gives it a unique flavor. They're pretty good, I
      think. The fries are OK, the shakes OK...well, it is
      a landmark, it has its own authentic atmosphere, it's
      not a chain...I'm glad it exists.

      1. re: Neil
        Harris Gershman

        Absolutely right about Red Rooster in
        Brewster...burgers are better! And while we're
        stretching the "westchester weenie" category, I tried
        "Swanky Franks" on Rte 1 in Norwalk, Ct. Not bad if you
        get there early...nice dog (split grilled 25 cents
        more than regular grilled, unsplit), better fries
        (fresh?), lousy Mrs Pauls Onion Rings, interesting
        condiments1 Warning: The beanless chili is only hot,
        not very "savory". Next time I'll try burger. Quirky
        little diner dive atmosphere.

        1. re: Harris Gershman

          Harris, I'll try Swanky Franks as soon as I finish
          strecthing my Westchester weenie.

      2. re: Harris Gershman

        Put another way: the Red Rooster (Brewster) is much
        more worthy of hype (although I prefer the burgers
        there to the dogs). But, then again, that's not a
        Westchester Weenie, but a Putnam Weenie.

      3. Walter's is good - I go all the time. I've never
        waited on line because I just don't go between 12-1pm.
        I also love the chili dog and chili anything at Little
        Spot in North White Plains, right on rte 22. I've been
        going for years. It's changed names, but I'm pretty
        sure it's called Little Spot still. The chili is
        watery, which is weird at first ("where is it?") but
        the spicy taste is what I go for. Cheap eats, too, all
        PS my co-worker agrees...Walters and Little Spot (used
        to be called Peewee's) are the best!