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Aug 24, 1999 02:07 PM

Trader Joe's in Westfield, NJ

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Has anyone been there and is this store as wonderful
as people say. What should I buy?

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  1. Been there once. A friend in the area raved about it
    and took us over when we were visiting. They have an
    interesting assortment of various items. There are
    numerous different dried fruit & nut packaged
    combinations. The sunflower seed & dried cranberry is
    excellent. Also tried their meringue drops, available
    in plain as well as chocolate with chocolate chips
    which were pretty good. They also had an interesting
    looking selection of frozen desserts, including a
    variety of cheesecakes that we didn't get to try.

    Bottom line is they have things that you don't
    often find at the run-of-the mill supermarkets (at
    least not in suburban NJ) at fairly reasonable prices.
    Well worth checking out if you find yourself in the

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    1. re: Larry

      Too bad they don't have wine. Whenever I go to Calif. to visit my family I browse the wine aisles of Trader Joe's, and have gotten some incredible buys, like grand cru Burgundy for $10. Obviously it was one of the lesser grand crus, and not from a "great year," but what the hell, it was delicious -- and $10!!

      1. re: steve d.

        The Trader Joe's in Westfield has an enormous wine selection.

    2. Trader Joe's rarely has the VERY best of any
      particular item. But they've found an nice balance
      between good quality and low prices. Their dry
      pastas, for example, are fine and extremely cheap.
      Their potato chips and tortilla chips, particularly
      the salted "regular" chips and blue corns,
      respectively, are terrific. The nuts tend to be good
      and very cheap, although sometimes cosmetically
      inferior to what you will find in a good candy store.

      Most of the frozen entrees are nothing spectacular but
      much better than what you can find in supermarkets.
      Salsas and sauces, olives, etc., are perfectly
      acceptable if rarely inspired. Bakery items tend to
      vary enormously in quality. Very interesting soft
      drink and juice/nectar section, with mostly high-
      quality items sold at a low price.

      In the West, the wine section is often the single most
      popular area -- sadly, no such luck in the East, with
      only the occasional beer being sold.

      Employees tend to be extremely friendly and helpful at
      TJ's. It's a fun place to shop.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        I shop in Trader Joe's in Westfield all the time for CERTAIN items. Cereals there are reasonably priced and the staff is always very kind, very helpful, and sincerely friendly. I wouldn't think of buying some of the products there (too costly), but their products are nicely labeled with a good amount of info about them. Also, if you buy something you didn't like, just bring it back and they are great about it.

      2. j
        jonathan sibley

        I think some of the ethnic frozen foods are quite good,
        and far above average. In particular, the pork
        potstickers and the various tamales are quite good, and
        provide quick, tasty meals.