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Jul 19, 1999 10:58 AM

Tokyo King, Croton -- not good

  • j

Tokyo King, a Japanese restaurant in the Grand Union
shopping plaza on Maple Ave. in Croton, opened a few
months ago. I've tried it twice, and I can't recommend

The fish is pretty good, though the selection is
narrow, and the prices are quite good for a suburban
sushi bar, but that's the best I can say. Their rice
is tasteless, the sushi is put together hastily and
sloppily, and the service is simply awful. Friday
night we ordered two appetizers and some sushi. The
waitress made no effort to sequence the dishes, so the
appetizers arrived last. One of them, called grilled
squid in the menu, wasn't grilled and came covered with
an unpleasantly sweet teriyaki sauce. California roll
felt apart when picked up.

The restaurant is just around the corner from our
house, so I'll probably still go there occasionally for
simple take-out, but for anything serious, I'll go to
Sushi Raku in Sleepy Hollow.

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