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Jun 15, 1999 08:22 AM

Clams On Long Island

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Where do all of you like to go for steamers and clams
on the half shell? I am looking for the ultimate place
on Long Island to go for these items. Unless the place
is unbelievable I won't make it out to the South Fork
as I don't have the whole weekend to drive through the
traffic. Thanks in advance !!!!

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  1. So try the North Fork. Claudio's in Greeport is a
    good bet if you're willing to make the drive.

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    1. re: christina z

      Thanks for the tip. Those of us that live in Nassau
      find a trip to the East End a treat, but without having
      a place to stay out there, it's not the norm. I am
      hoping to hear of places in Nassau and Western &
      Central Suffolk. I had heard of a place in Blue Point
      (I think, maybe Bellport) that was a stand and had
      great clams. Anyone know of this place? Thanks!!!

      1. re: BillL

        Have you ever been to Bigelows in Rockville Centre?
        They just opened a new place in Deer Park also.
        Regards, JK

    2. I live in Lindenhurst and know of two good low priced
      fresh seafood places-both located on Montauk hwy-both also double as seafood markets so all the seafood is fresh-Southside fish and clam restaurant(for fried)and the B&B fish market(for broiled)-both offer clams and oysters on the halfshell-I like the cajun shrimp or fried shrimp over pasta at Southside and sea scallops at B&B-Both places are in the $7-$10 range so I can't promise you the world but both have fresh solid seafood at a reasonable price-hope you enjoy

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