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May 4, 1999 10:45 AM

Pupusas in Huntington

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Recently went to Pupuseria Melissa in Huntington
(or is that Huntington Station?) on the corner of
Pulaski Rd. and Rt 110 (I think). Had read realy good
review last year (in Newsday?), didn't get there until
I visited the family again this year. Very clean -
almost sterile looking, waitress didn't really speak
English (we were able to communicate, though). They
are not in phone book, nor was I able to get the
number from 411.
It is a Salvadorean restaurant, specializing in
pupusas, a sort of cornmeal wrapping with filling.
They were great. The other two things we tried were
somewhat bland/boring (quesadilla and similar tried-
and-true type food). And the margaritas were good.

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