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Apr 20, 1999 03:50 PM

Westchester Eats? Where to go for Great Food?

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I'm looking for a casual place with really good food. I am NOT looking for cheap eats (burgers, ribs, etc). Something more upscale but not too pricey. Fusion food, new french bistro, but it doesn't have to be to "ethnicy." Just great food, and great service. By the way I need this place for this saturday night. Thanks.

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  1. try my fave, caffe stega 914 769 4040/pleasantville. casual/tasty/relaxed/delicious/comfort/italian/yet modern. I'm a `little biased, one of my best friends owns the place- but really- its great. order ravioli specials, bruschetta specials, then ask for Joe, he'll tell you what to do for main course- enjoy.

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    1. re: stephen kaye

      Good luck Marla. I'm afraid that Westchester and good
      food borders on an oxymoron. As a transplanted
      Brooklynite, I've been searching for several years now.
      Check your stomach at the county line. I'm curious to
      see what suggestions your query yields.

      1. re: glenn
        Josh Mittleman

        Nonsense. Things are more sparse here than in the
        city, of course, but there are plenty of good
        restaurants. Read the articles posted here in the past
        and you'll have enough choices to keep you busy for the
        rest of the year.

        1. re: Josh Mittleman

          I have gone to several of the places posted and more
          often that not leave disappointed. Other than high
          priced places such as Buffet de la Gare, what are your
          top five Westchester picks.

          1. re: glenn
            Josh Mittleman

            Top five picks for what? You've ruled out places that
            cost more than $50 per person, but that leaves a
            tremendous number of possibilities. Narrow it down and
            I'll be happy to suggest my favorites.

            1. re: Josh Mittleman

              I'm looking for a place where a family of four can eat
              for $65.00 or under. Chineese (we'll pass on the
              Hartsdale Gardens) Italian, Indian, or real pizzza a la
              Patsy Grimaldi or the Coney Island Tottonos would be at
              the top of our list. This list can also include the
              nearby Bronx, as we travel to Riverdale for our
              Chineese meals. Thanks.

              1. re: glenn

                try caffe strega in pleasantville 914 769 4040 go to roberto's in the bronx / arthur ave. section.186th I believe. Piero's in rye 914 937 2904 malabar hill/indian elsmford. enjoy

                1. re: stephen kaye

                  Yes, all of the Indian places mentioned are quite good,
                  although a tad expensive when compared with eating on
                  8th Street in the city.

                  The Indian and Japanese restaurants in Westchester as
                  a group fare well. The Chineese restaurants have a way
                  to go. I've tried all of the ones suggested save for
                  Pacific Palace. We still drive to the city line
                  (Riverdale) for Chineese food.

                  Sharon is right about Valentino's. The food is good
                  and plentiful. It can get mighty cramped and hard to
                  get into. Any other decent Italian places? What about
                  authentic thin crust, fresh mozzarella, wood/coal oven

                  1. re: glenn

                    I haven't found brick oven style pizza in Westchester
                    on a par with Totonno's in Brooklyn, John's of Bleeker
                    Street, or Nick's in Forest Hills. (Nor have I found
                    traditional by-the-slice pizza that's nearly as good
                    as the typical place in Brooklyn.) The best I've had -
                    - and the restaurant is great, too -- is at La Manda's
                    on Rte 119 in White Plains. Cash only place (as is
                    Valentino's). Compared with Valentino's, it's scaled-
                    down, more casual and simple and the meals are not as
                    sumptuous. But while the fare is very basic southern
                    Italian, it is good, honest food, very reasonable, and
                    as I said the pizza is terrific. I particularly
                    recommend the sausage, as it is homemade. Good for
                    kids too as you can see them make the pizzas in the
                    coal oven.

                    1. re: Neil

                      Everything you say about La Manda is on the money. It
                      is one of my favorite places in the county. The food
                      is good and the people are friendly. Although the pizza
                      dough seems to have a high oil content, it is still
                      quite good. My only problem with the place is that it
                      is often very crowded and can be cramped. It's better
                      to try it at an off hour. Do you have any other places
                      similar in spirit and food quality? The food can be
                      any type of cuisine. If you like La Manda, you might
                      want to try Johnny's Pizza, on E. Lincoln Road in Mt.
                      Vernon. The pizza while not made in a coal/wood
                      burning oven, is thin crusted, slightly blistered and
                      authentic in it's own right. There are other items
                      besides the pizza, but the selection is not as broad as
                      La Manda. Family owned for over fifty years, it's
                      worth checking out.

                      1. re: glenn

                        Thanks for the tip re: Johnny's; I'll check it out.
                        Have you been to Angelina's in Tuckahoe? It's a pizza
                        place with a connecting restaurant that attempts to be
                        comparatively upscale (it has tablecloths). The pizza
                        is OK, but nothing special. It is disappointing given
                        the promise of the crowds and atmoshphere -- it looks
                        like a real pizza restaurant that's been there
                        forever; you think maybe it'll be Westchester's answer
                        to Sally's Apizza or Frank Pepe -- then you get the
                        pizza, and it's mediocre by the standards of this
                        Brooklyn boy.

                        1. re: Neil

                          No I haven't tried it, and thanks to you I never will.
                          It is hard to believe that no one has tried to create a
                          genuine pizza joint like a Totonno, Patsy Grimaldi,
                          Johns or Sally's in Westchester. It is a pure and
                          simple dish, requiring only a few high quality
                          ingredients, and the right oven. Oh well....

                          1. re: glenn


                            I haven't steered you wrong yet, eh?

                            I feel a little guilty turning people off to
                            Angelina's. It's not a bad place, really; it's a
                            popular neighborhood pizza restaurant, a comfortable
                            place to hang out. The pizza can be enjoyable, it's
                            pretty good. It's only compared with Totonno's (I
                            used to live in Trump Village, a few blocks form
                            there, by the way) or Sally's or the other classic
                            places I mentioned that you would have to say it sucks
                            in comparison. (It's nowhere near as good as La
                            Manda's either.)

                2. re: glenn
                  Josh Mittleman

                  My favorite Indian in Westchester is Dawat in White
                  Plains. If that's not to your taste -- and many people
                  don't prefer their style -- try Malabar Hill on Rt.
                  119 in Elmwood or Bengal Tiger in White Plains.
                  Neither of them is stunning, but both are good. If you
                  want to drive a bit further, I recommend Jaipore on Rt.
                  22 in Brewster, just over the county line. They have
                  some interesting, unusual dishes.

                  I can't recommend a really great Italian restaurant in
                  Westchester. Spaccarelli's in Millwood is good. I'm
                  not sure it will fall within your budget, which is
                  pretty tight for four people. Caffe Strega is good,
                  too, but not particularly authentic and I think it is
                  more expensive. I'm sure there are great, inexpensive
                  Italian places in the area; I just haven't looked very
                  widely for one because if I'm not going to the city and
                  I want to eat Italian, I'd just as soon cook it myself.
                  You might try Giorgio's in the Clock Tower mall on Rt.
                  22 in Brewster; it was recommended to me by someone

                  For Chinese, my current favorites are Hunan Village on
                  Rt. 100 in Yonkers, that place across the street from
                  the Hartsdale train station that was mentioned here a
                  couple days ago, Hartsdale Garden (sorry, I've still
                  never had a bad dish there), and, when I don't want to
                  drive so far, Pacific Palace on Rt. 141 in Thornwood.

                  1. re: Josh Mittleman

                    Josh, have you tried Tony's Trattoria in Croton yet?
                    It's housed in what used to be a soft ice cream place,
                    on Riverside Avenue (Rte 9A) at the intersection with
                    Oneida, and easy walk from the Croton-Harmon train

                    I've had nothing but terrific meals there, both
                    lunches and dinners; I believe they are closed only on

                    1. re: Elisa Davis
                      Josh Mittleman

                      Indeed I have, several times. It's a fine local
                      restaurant, and we go there every few weeks when we
                      want good food, nice service, and an easy walk home.
                      The portions are ridiculously large, but once you know
                      that, you can order appropriately.

                      1. re: Josh Mittleman

                        Ah, I didn't realize we live in the same town!

                        I don't mind large portions, I rather like have
                        leftovers. Plus, many of the appetizers are worth
                        having (bruchetta and fried calamari particularly
                        outstanding), would be a shame to miss them.

                  2. re: glenn

                    You might want to try Valentino's (just off the Brx
                    River Pkwy) for solid southern Italian dishes.
                    Ridiculously huge portions of hearty food, friendly
                    atmosphere, great pasta. Go early--it gets very

                    1. re: glenn

                      can somebody tell me where Valentino's is? Thanks

                      1. re: janice

                        Valentino's is located on Bronx River Road in Yonkers,
                        just north of the Bronx/Yonkers border. It is easily
                        accessible from the Bronx River Parkway.

                        In response to the message from a transplanted
                        Brooklynite dissing Westchester restaurants, well I
                        too am a transplanted Brooklynite who couln't disagree
                        more. Valentino's alone proves the worth of
                        Westchester restaurants vis a vis Brooklyn, as it is a
                        better Italian restaurant than anything Brooklyn has
                        to offer -- and basically all Brooklyn has to offer is
                        Italian restaurants!

                        1. re: Neil

                          All that Brooklyn has is Italian restaurants? You may
                          not have lived in Brooklyn long or traveled widely
                          about the borough. Every type of food is available
                          there. Tell me where I can go for middle eastern food,
                          a la Atlantic Avenue or just a plain old falafel in
                          Westchester. Where is real soul/barbeque of Ft.
                          Greene, the pirogi's of Greenpoint? Hows about Chineese
                          food like that found in Sunset Park's Chinatown or on
                          just about every other block throughout the borough.
                          Valantino's and La Manda are equal to anything in
                          Brooklyn. Sadly they are the exception rather than
                          representative of what's available as a whole.

                          1. re: glenn

                            OK, I'll admit I overstated that all Brooklyn offers
                            is Italian restaurants. Brooklyn is an incredibly
                            large borough, and I had in mind the vast southern
                            part where I grew up rather than the downtown Brooklyn
                            spots you mentioned. Yes, Sunset Park has some great,
                            authentic Cantonese places (and Avenue U followed suit
                            in recent years) but Westchester is not lacking for
                            Chinese food (well, at least it has some good ones).
                            Prior to the immigrant wave to Sunset Park and Avenue
                            U there was NO good Chinese food in Brooklyn;
                            certainly there was none when I was growing up! (I
                            question your statement that there's good Chinese on
                            every other corner!) Westchester is becoming
                            increasingly diverse, even eclectic: as to your query
                            regarding Middle Eatern food there is Turquoise, a
                            Turkish restaurant in Mamaroneck. Hogwash (also in
                            Mamaroneck) is a pretty good barbecue place, good
                            ribs. There's South African, Goan Indian, Basque,
                            lots of Portuguese...put it this way: I'm not sorry I

                            1. re: Neil

                              I'm not sorry I moved either but all too often I feel
                              that I should have left my taste buds in Brooklyn.
                              You seem to get around Westchester a lot, do tell of
                              you favorite 2 Chineese restaurants. Also, I've heard
                              that there are good places for those who travel to
                              Mamaroneck. What do you like over there? You
                              mentioned Hogwash. After trying what may be their
                              sister restaurant, Bayou, in Mt. Vernon, I was not so
                              sure about Hogwash. But if you say so, maybe I'll give
                              it a try. If you like southern style, give Yvonne's
                              Southern Cooking in Pelham a try. It's good, and they
                              often have live jazz on the weekend.

                              1. re: glenn

                                My two favorite Chinese restaurants in
                                Westchester...well, Jade Palace (Central Avenue in
                                Scarsdale) is very good, particularly the soups
                                (yellow leek and dried something or other is really
                                good -- hey, it's late, I forgot). Very fresh seafood
                                as well. Presumably you know Hunan Village (Central
                                Avenue in Yonkers); it has an insert to the standard
                                menu with exotic specialties (the insert proudly
                                mentions John Mariani, the food critic, as having
                                raved about such dishes). The chef often strolls
                                around and is excited to share suggestions with
                                interested clientele. He can offer some specials that
                                are not on the menu that can definitely make for a
                                memorable meal. These two restaurants are convenient
                                to where I live, which is an important factor to
                                consider inasmuch as I'm not inclined to travel across
                                the county for Chinese food unless I have reason to
                                believe it's truly exceptional!

                                1. re: Neil

                                  Thanks for the tips. I've been to Hunan Village,
                                  perhaps they are entitled to a second chance. Jade
                                  Palace is within striking distance and we'll give it a
                                  chance. Did you frequent Totonno's when you were
                                  living in Coney Island? That Gerry Piro was some piece
                                  of work. There was a time when you'd wait on line for
                                  a while, then wait for an hour after you were seated
                                  for your pie. My kids both ate in the acncient wooden
                                  high chairs that are still there. I've been back
                                  recently when visiting relatives, and the pizza is
                                  still good, Cookie the waitress (Gerry's niece) is
                                  friendlier, and you can sit right down.

                                  1. re: glenn

                                    I used to eat at Totonno's frequently, although I
                                    lived in Trump Village for years before I found our
                                    about the place! I moved to Westchester in '90, so my
                                    Totonno's visits were in the late 80's. I used to tip
                                    nicely; I found that made Jerry's niece friendlier!
                                    (But yes, the overall atmosphere was that they were
                                    doing you a tremendous favor allowing you in their
                                    restaurant.) Not long ago I went to Totonno's in the
                                    City; it was a big disappointment. Clean, friendly,
                                    smoke-free -- all the things the COney Island branch
                                    isn't -- but inferior pizza!

                            2. re: glenn
                              Fred Goodman

                              I lived in Brooklyn for many years and I've lived in
                              Westchester for many years. Finding good restaurants
                              is more difficult in Westchester. HOWEVER, I've found
                              a reasonably good falafel at the Kosher Pizza parlor
                              in the Wykagyl strip on North Ave. in New Rochelle;
                              there's also a Turkish restaurant on the main drag of
                              Mamaroneck, and I haven't had a great Middle Eastern
                              meal in Brooklyn since before the Tripoli burned down.
                              No, there's no restaurant serving perogis or any other
                              Polish food that I'm aware of, but Yonkers Miasarnia,
                              a kielbasa-maker on Lockwood Avenue in Yonkers, makes
                              'em in about 8 different flavors including saurkraut.
                              They also sell their own killer mustards and
                              horseradish (and the kielbasas are pretty serious,
                              too). Chinese food is a lost cause up here unless
                              you're looking for the comfort food of your youth. I
                              recommend eating Thai food instead if you're not going
                              to drive to the City. Bangkok Thai at 1208 Post Rd is
                              better than average, Siam Sea Grill in Port Chester is
                              very good, and Reka's, in the basement of an apartment
                              building where Westchester Ave. and North Broadway
                              meet (right near the new mall), is excellent, adding
                              French accents to traditional Thai dishes. Also, there
                              are a good number of Mexican and South American
                              restaurants in the lower county. I'm a big fan of the
                              Mexican Corner Restaurant on Main Street in New
                              Rochelle, and the guy is open for breakfast on
                              weekends. Also, there are more places in Port Chester
                              than you can count -- every time I go there it seems
                              there are two or three new restaurants catering to
                              Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Dominicans or Mexicans. Tio
                              Pepe, the Mexican place between the Capitol Theater
                              and the train station, is now the venerable lunchroom,
                              and the Peruvian place on Westchester Ave behind the
                              Coney Island fast food joint makes very good fish.
                              Also, I would be remiss if I brought up Port Chester
                              without mentioning Pat's Hubba Hubba -- the greasiest,
                              funkiest, hippest poison parlor on the planet. They
                              put chili on the dogs, they put chili on the burgers,
                              they put chili on fries, they put chili on the wedges
                              -- you get the idea: if you're smart you'll keep your
                              hand off the counter. You get me point -- sure,
                              Westchester ain't Brooklyn. But what is?

                              1. re: Fred Goodman

                                Fred, could you provide a bit more detail? Just
                                kidding. Well, it looks like some transplanted food-
                                obsessed Brooklynites have found a forum. Believe it
                                or not, you left out a few ethnic types. Off the top
                                of my head: Cuban cuisine is represented in the Latin
                                American Cafe in White Plains (Rte 22). It's not the
                                best Cuban I've had (that would be in South Florida,
                                of course), but it'll do for a Cuban fix. Get the
                                chorizos con tostones as an appetizer, lechon asado
                                (roast pork) if available as an entree, and of course
                                the cafe con leche and flan for dessert. There's no
                                Cuban in Brooklyn that I'm aware of, and I ain't
                                venturing to East New York to look. Also, there are
                                two authentic Korean barbecue places -- Kang Suh in
                                Scarsdale (Central Avenue) and Tokyo Seoul in Ardsley
                                (I haven't been there, but I hear it's good). Not to
                                mention sushi up the wazoo -- Gyosai in Scarsdale
                                (Garth Road) is my favorite, some swear by Azuma
                                Sushi -- no good sushi to my knowledge in Brooklyn (I
                                went to a place in Bay Ridge once that wasn't so
                                great). And there's the Spanish restaurants, La
                                Camilia and Espana, that are excellent -- no good
                                Spanish to my knowledge in Brooklyn. BUT -- Nathan's
                                in Coney Island still has that magic that Yonker's
                                can't conjure...

                                1. re: Neil

                                  "BUT -- Nathan's in Coney Island still has that magic that Yonker's
                                  can't conjure..."

                                  Ironically, there's more of an old-time Nathan's ambiance at Johnny's Famous Reef in City Island...which, though not exactly in Westchester, sure feels like it....


                                  1. re: Neil

                                    Tokyo Seoul is all right, but not great. Not as bad
                                    as Korean I've had in France, but it certainly doesn't
                                    measure up to Manhattan trendy or Manhattan authentic
                                    Korean. Not to mention the "we're the only Korean
                                    game in town" prices.

                                    When I'm in Westchester, and I order from Tokyo Seoul,
                                    the food is a ghostly reminder of the more tender pork
                                    cuts of NYC eating. This, for me, is the classic
                                    example of a restaurant in Westchester that is good
                                    enough, it seems, to survive, but always a bit of a
                                    letdown. I'm glad to hear of an alternative.

                                  2. re: Fred Goodman

                                    fred, awesome message, thanks for posting.

                                    But you're cheating. It's comparatively easy to find good eats in eastern Westchester (though you get extra points for doing so without mentioning Brazilian-- the most happening influx right now thereabouts).

                                    It's far tougher toward the west. The Mt. Kisco/Chappaqua/Pleasantville area--where I hang out a bit--is a real desert. In fact, north of White Plains (which ain't exactly a chow mecca itself) is a bit of a disaster right up to the Canadian border, with the exception of a coupla good diners way up by Albany. Maybe an apple farm or two.


                                    1. re: Jim Leff

                                      Jim, have you yet to visit Zeph's in Peekskill? It's
                                      a truly fine restaurant, not just for Westchester, but
                                      just plain terrific for anywhere.

                                      Vicki Zeph is the CIA-trained chef, and her brother
                                      Michael runs the restaurant.

                                      Please let me know any time you'd like to go there,
                                      I'll come running! They are open only for dinner, on
                                      Wednesdays-Sundays, and reservations are suggested,
                                      especially on weekends.

                                      1. re: Elisa Davis
                                        Josh Mittleman

                                        A couple colleagues of mine have recommended Zeph's
                                        several times. It's on my list of places to try, but I
                                        don't know much about it. Can you describe the food,

                                        1. re: Josh Mittleman


                                          The chef (Vicky Zeph) is a CIA graduate, and the menu
                                          changes each season--plus there are daily specials.
                                          There is usually one dish in each of several
                                          categories (chicken, duck, beef, lamb, fish,
                                          vegetarian, pasta)--inventive and flavorful, usually
                                          with home-grown herbs (many growing right at the site,
                                          on a city street in Peekskill ).

                                          I'm almost at a loss to describe the food, she uses
                                          fresh ingredients in that distinctly CIA way, where
                                          all sorts of different cuisines influence and inform,
                                          often mixing influences from different countries in
                                          one dish.

                                          All the desserts are made on the premises, and the
                                          chocolate malted ice cream is a particular favorite in
                                          my family.

                                          I can be talked into going there for no reason at all,
                                          let me know if you'd like some company when you choose
                                          to go.

                                      2. re: Jim Leff

                                        Jim --

                                        I know you posted awhile ago, but I haven't been
                                        keepin' up with the board. You won't get a fight out
                                        of me about northern Westchester -- nada. But stickin'
                                        to the south and east ain't cheatin' -- it's goin' for
                                        the eatin'! BTW, there are a couple of good spots in
                                        White Plains, particularly Island Spice on Martine,
                                        which makes a killer roti, and Sunshine Jamaican
                                        Bakery tucked off 119 near the Westchester County
                                        Center. Their steam table looks a little dicey, but
                                        they make a gunko pea soup with coconut milk,
                                        dumplings and goat to travel that's a revelation.
                                        Also, there's a good Cuban restaurant, the Latin
                                        American Cafe, on Post Road near Bengal Tiger. He's
                                        always got fresh roast pig and his ox tails are worth
                                        the trip alone. Don't bother with the Cuban sandwich,
                                        though. There's also a Phillipine market two blocks
                                        further down the Post Road (toward Scarsdale) --
                                        haven't checked it out, but the steam table looks
                                        pretty ambitious. Also, the Oasis Diner, also on Post
                                        Road, is now a combo diner/Latin American restaurant:
                                        if you don't know whether you're in the mood for a
                                        chicken salad sandwich or pernil, this is the place.

                                        As for upstate New York, this is tough. I can't say
                                        I've found any great restaurants, but I'll bet they're
                                        there. I've been thumbing through Jan Greenberg's
                                        "Hudson Valley Bounty" (Berkshire House
                                        Publishers/Lee, MA)and the lists of dairies, butchers,
                                        smokers, orchards, farms and assorted outlets is very
                                        impressive. I've been through there scouting for
                                        smoked shad (unsuccessfully) and taking my kids to
                                        pick asparagus. The book also includes a fairly
                                        detailed restaurant guide.

                                        1. re: Fred Goodman

                                          great message, as usual, Fred! Stop back more often, ok?

                                          oh, and can I reprint your info on "Hudson Valley Bounty"? I'm getting ready to add lots more books to our recommended reading list (if you'd like to make additions, just email 'em to me)

                                          1. re: Jim Leff
                                            Fred Goodman

                                            Definitely add the Hudson book -- I imagine some of it
                                            is out of date already, but its strong point is a long
                                            list of farms, purveyors, specialty food sources, and
                                            restaurants, all with phone number that can be easily

                                        2. re: Jim Leff

                                          Food in the Chappaqua/Mt. Kisco area is very "hit or miss". The only consistently really good food (B+ or better) can be found at the City Limits Diner in White Plains. In Mt. Kisco, the Lexington Cafe is good (Grade B) as is the Kittle House on 117. Luna tries to make a show but doesn't make it with the food. 17 Main was great one night and off the next week when the food had no flavor (go figure). I haven't tried the Iron Horse Grill, but assuming you've got aged steak, how could they ruin it except to overcook. Went to Rustica on State Road. Don't waste your time!
                                          The simple stuff at Peabody's in Chappaqua and the predictably fresh fish at the sushi place in Chappaqua and Mt. Kisco is what you should stick with.

                                          Please advise if you find anything I haven't tried.

                                          1. re: Dan Venet

                                            There are LOTS of other tips for the Chap/Kisco area scattered thru this board and in some of my writings as well. Try the search engine!

                                            IMO, the City Limits Diner is good only for corned beef hash and beer (not necessarily together!). That it's a few steps above most local chow options reflects more on the chow up there than on the diner...


                                            1. re: Dan Venet

                                              our local fave is cafe stregga/in pleasantville 914 769 4040. relaxed casual delicious italian/mediterr. style. homey, generous portions/great specials.

                      2. wow, are you all a bunch of pessimistic readers. Are there as many great eats as NYC- nooo-but this is not an impossible request. Ok so you want good if not even some great eats here is goes...Two Moons in Portchester, Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantvillle (excellant everything, they even know to cool a bottle of red to cellar temp), The Fish Cellar in Mount Kisco (great raw bar), Mediterraneo in Pleasantville, Luna in Mt. Kisco (expatriot NYC chef). If you go to any of these let me know your thought.

                        5 Replies
                        1. re: kelly

                          what kind of food does Two Moons serve? Also, any
                          recommendations as far as the Latin American
                          restaurants in P.C.? Thanks for any tips!


                          1. re: Susan T.

                            Two Moons is Tex-Mex, or Southwestern, and bigger on the decor and the crowd it attracts (Rye, Scarsdale, etc.) than on the service and quality of food. It was terrific when it first opened, but suffered a significant decline after a few years.

                            For excellent Brazilian food, try Pantanel (spelling?) in PortChester, especially if you're a voracious carnivore.

                          2. re: kelly

                            I have to disagree with your choice of Mediterraneo
                            and Luna. Both have been very disappointing. I am a
                            certified Italian who knows good food (my parents have
                            owned two successful restaurants and my mom was one of
                            the cooks)Food is a real passion. Westchester is
                            lacking restaurants with good food. Kiddle House -
                            American food- in Pleasantville and L'Europa -French-
                            in Vista are two pure choices for those who are
                            looking for a descent meal. Stick to Manhattan if you
                            really want to eat. Buona Fortuna!!

                            1. re: kelly
                              Josh Mittleman

                              My wife and I tried Restaurant Luna in Mt. Kisco. (The Fish Cellar was our first choice, but they weren't answering their phone.) It was a pleasant meal and the food was quite good, but seriously overpriced and seriously over-proportioned. We started with a salad advertised as frisee, bacon, and roquefort. It was nice, and it split two ways without a problem; but the cheese was either very poor roquefort or reasonably good Danish-style blue. I enjoyed it, but I was surprised.

                              Riva had a half roast duck with plum sauce and sweet potato fries, and she loved it. I had a veal chop with wild mushroom-laced rice. It was good once I sent it back to be properly cooked. Both dishes came with a super-abundance of well-prepared mixed vegetables. We could easily have split either dish: I had no idea veal chops could get that big.

                              Their chocolate volcano (a warm devil's food cake with a warm chocolate sauce on top) was OK. Their coffee was fine, but be careful: A double espresso was the size of a regular American coffee cup!

                              They have a nice-but-overpriced wine list and a decent-but-overpriced beer list. One appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert came to about $100 (plus wine). The only way we'll go back is if we feel like splitting a dish.

                              1. re: kelly

                                I also like Mediterraneo in Pleasantville. Really, my favorite place in mid-Westchester.

                              2. Future possibilities:
                                1. Santorini, a new greek rest in Sleepy Hollow; great food and reasonable prices.
                                2. Que Chula es Puebla, another new rest in Sleepy Hollow with excellent mexican food; service could be better, but it is worth it.

                                4 Replies
                                1. re: miguel2

                                  Re Kisco Kosher Deli, did they move, already?

                                  Weren't they on Mamaroneck Ave.? I had a rare visit to WP today, and couldn't find them. I just checked on Mapquest, and they're between Mam'k Ave. and North Broadway. Next time.

                                  Am I wrong about seeing them on a corner on Mamaroneck Ave.?

                                  1. re: dolores

                                    Corner of East Post and Broadway, you can check out Korova milk bar too, located across the street from Kisco Kosher a couple of stores up from the corner.

                                    1. re: chowdom

                                      Rats, I was sooo close.

                                      Thanks, chowdom, next time.