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Apr 2, 1999 10:53 AM

Looking for the best Indian Restaurant .

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I'm in search of the most genuine and inspirational Indian Restaurant. The kind of restaurant the Prince who built The Taj Mahal was eating at when he looked at his wife and said this meal makes you even more beautiful than ever before. I'm building you a little house. Now that was an incredible meal.

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  1. I have two names for you, but they're in London, not
    the tri-state area! Red Fort (in SoHo) and Tamarind
    (in Mayfair). Simply the best Indian food I've ever
    had in my life. I've had good Indian in Manhattan, as
    well as Fairfield County, CT (generally it's better in
    Manhattan) but none that would qualify for the
    category you're talking about. Perhaps someone else
    will supply a great name here; I'll all ears, too.


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      Rosie Saferstein

      Moghul, Oak Tree Shopping Center, Edison, NJ BYO


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        Josh Mittleman

        Two questions: Where? and what style of Indian?
        "Genuine Indian" is even less useful a description than
        "genuine Italian."

        That said, my favorite is the Jackson Diner in Jackson
        Heights, Queens; and one of the very est Indian meals
        I've ever had was at Dahwat in White Plains.

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          Chris B. Shaw

          Josh........Thankyou for your suggestions I will most assuredly visit both. When I used the word genuine I was using it in the strict dictionary sense of the word.
          1.Actually possessing the alleged or apparent attribute or character:genuine leather. I believe the restaurants you have suggested are faithful to their particular regions. That in my book would make them genuine. Thanks for the suggestions. I will report back.

        2. The original comment has been removed