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Mar 29, 1999 07:41 PM

Retsaurants in Hoboken area

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Any recommendations on restaurants in Hoboken or
environs, reachable without a car (or by taxi if truly
worth it)?

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    Rosie Saferstein

    Amanda's is excellent. Ask to sit by the French doors.


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    1. re: Rosie Saferstein

      I had a lovely brunch yesterday at the Brass Rail on Washington @ 2nd. It's a buffet, which initially frightened me, but everything was of such high quality that it didn't matter. Lots of nonmeat options, too, and they make a fine Bloody Mary. Especially liked the bran muffin, of all things, which was studded with chocolate chips. None of those typical steam-table eggs and such. I've been there for dinner before, and it was similarly excellent.