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Mar 17, 1999 03:20 PM


  • j

Anyone know of any good chow places in this area of
Long Island?

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  1. The Mediterreanan Snack Bar on New York Ave in the village of Huntington. The best Greek food in the area. Everything is wonderful includingf their very fresh fish dishes.

    1. in the area is Pomodoro, and La Pace

      1. I love the baja cafe-southwest tex-mex food-one of the few good ones on LI

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        1. re: tony

          I loved it for a couple of years...then it started a slooooow decline. Last time I was there it was a shadow of its former self. Still real good for the area, though.

          This is why we chowhounds have to stay ever alert to new treasure: old faves do tend to fade away (or shut down)