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Feb 26, 1999 12:07 AM

Newark Portuguese Restaurant

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Had lunch today at Mediteranean Restaurant at 300+/-
Jefferson Street in Newark's Ironbound Section. It was
a great lunch which included several cuts of meat,
sausage etc.,chicken and red snapper. All this food
was grilled over a REAL charcoal fire on rotating
spits (Rodizio). The service was excellent and the
prices are reasonable in this most welcoming place.
The grilled chicken with Portuguese sauce alone was
worth another trip back. I also thought that the bread
was special.

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  1. Have you ever been to Seabra's Rodizio (which we didn't
    think was so great--although it is different and fun to
    try with a group)? How does this place compare? Also,
    is there any available parking? Thanks.

    1. I'm a lifelong resident in the Portuguese section in
      Newark (the Ironbound) and the best restaurant I have
      been to is DaCaneca, at 71 Elm Road, Newark (a/k/a
      Tony DaCaneca's). The selection is fantastic and the
      prices moderate. You will wind up with more food than
      you can possibly eat! Excellent dessert menu too. I
      have been there over 100 times (easily), and have yet
      to complain once about the food or service. Also,
      they have a parking lot, a big advantage in this
      neighborhood. I guarantee you will be glad you came