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Feb 21, 1999 06:50 PM


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Schultz cider millin Armonk makes unbelievably great
homemade dontus. Three kinds plain, powdered sugar
and cinammon . Customers are allowed to buy only one
dozen. Strictly enforced so bring lotsof people they
go fast.

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  1. There's a place in Westport, CT that's become pretty famous for's called Coffee An' (as in
    "and")...on west Main st just north of downtown. Coffee and donuts are fabulous.

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    1. re: CB

      yeah it is great, they have the definitive cinnamon roll- just don't let them nuke it if they offer. I made that mistake once!

      also in that general area, we stumbled onto Lakeside Diner, just west of the Merritt Parkway exit for Longridge (maybe highridge? its the southernmost of the two) Stamford exit. If anyone can place this more definitively, please post. On the front., looks like a crummy, jerry built diner, although a couple of Westport weekend baby porsches parked in front might have suggested otherwise. Inside, more spacious than expected and, transformingly, looks out through a huge picture window over a beautiful pond. Obviously a local institution, with excellent blueberry pancakes, and other well cooked breakfast stuff. In the Toms Luncheonette (Brooklyn) quality range.

      1. re: jen kalb
        Harris Gershman

        Re: Lakeside Diner...Never tried it, always drove right
        by...maybe Sunday, thanks! It is right next to Exit 34
        of Merritt(sp?) Parkway at Long Ridge Rd. in
        Stamford/Old Greenwhich, Ct. I went by there twice
        today (Sat.), and, fair warning, while it looked busy
        enough at 11 A.M., when I drove past at 2:03 P.M. it
        had a big "Closed" sign in the window! Could it be that
        it's only open for the traditional meal hours and
        closed in between?? Some "diner". More news updates
        when available.