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Feb 11, 1999 05:18 PM

Restaurant recommendations for Stamford CT?

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Anyone have suggestions for good eating in Stamford or
neighboring towns? No particular cuisine, just looking
for quality and a pleasant experience. TIA

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  1. Amadeus used to be good-continental. Hope Pizza for
    family-style pizza etc. Is Kathleen's still open?
    Buster's barbq on the Darien line, 2-3 Indian places
    too. If you want to try a Stamford food phenomenon,
    check out Buongiorno's Supermarket parallel to 95 in
    the industrial part of town (off the southernmost 95
    stamford exit. Forget the #) Big ol' multi-ethnic,
    plastic-wrapped veggies, bread from everywhere, cheap
    Italian imported pasta, lots of grit and

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    1. re: J. hausman

      The Stamford Indian places are Meera and Bonani; both
      are good. Hope Street Pizza is excellent, though I
      haven't eaten there in years. And a hot dog and curly
      fries at the Wedge Inn are always a good antidote to
      post-mall fatigue! For big portions of good pasta in a
      somewhat noisy restaurant, try Eclisse.


      1. re: Susan T

        There's a great article by Jack Cavanagh in today's Times, about Curley's Diner in Stamford, slated to be torn down and replaced by a high-rise. Has anyone eaten there to recommend it? -- Should I high-tail it over there before the wrecking balls come?


    2. This is an older subject, I just scanned through, Have
      you ever tried Mona Lisa? The owner is the brother of
      Tony May, he used to run a wonderful restaurant in NY,
      La Camellia. Luciano, is a wonderful host and serves
      up a authentic Northen Italian meal in a comfortable
      and casual restaurant.